Focus Award recipient Clarissa Anderson
 "These awards give California Sea Grant an opportunity to promote the research of some excellent young scientists who are new to the faculties of California universities and whose research will prove significant to the state of California and the nation."  - California Sea Grant Director James Eckman
Recent News

C. Johnson/Shellfish in Seattle

A long list of household products contain chemicals that are not removed by sewage treatment plants and may be harming shellfish off our coast.



Focus: Why Are Algal Blooms Becoming More Toxic? 
UC Santa Cruz researchers look at the role of farm runoff into Monterey Bay as a potential trigger.

black oystercatcher/Wikipedia
Ornithologists are monitoring six species of seabirds inside and outside the new MPAs and learning about fish recruitment in the process.

Sea Grant Extension Meeting in Santa Rosa
This March, Sea Grant Fellows and Extension Specialists from across California gathered in Santa Rosa to exchange ideas, share their progress and try their skills at some coho salmon field work.
New Video: Marine Life in the La Jolla Canyon
CA Sea Grant researchers are watching the seafloor to see how small, bottom-dwelling animals are affected by the shoaling of low-oxygen waters.
Funding Opportunities

Current California Sea Grant investigators are eligible to apply for summer support for one undergraduate research assistant.

Recent doctorates and highly qualified graduate students with interest in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta are encouraged to apply. 

  • Delta Science Fellowship Application                                                                             Deadline: May 20, 2013 (5:00 PM PDT)
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