Indiana Afterschool Advocacy Newsletter
There are MANY opportunities in the coming months for you to show and tell your success stories. To help you be ready, the Indiana Afterschool Network has launched this NEW Advocacy Newsletter packed with all the resources you need to connect to policymakers and spread the word about the power of afterschool across Indiana! 

Maximize your impact by scheduling policymaker visits to your site on one of these national advocacy days:

Summer Learning Day 
July 14, 2016

LIGHTS ON Afterschool
October, 20 2016

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Our Vision: We see Indiana as a place where all K-12 youth have access to high quality learning experiences beyond the school day that prepare them for success in school, college, careers, and life.
UPDATE: Indiana Out-of-School Time Learning Advisory Board 
On June 24, the Indiana Department of Education chaired the first meeting of the SB251 Advisory Board at its offices in Indianapolis. Established in 2016 by the Indiana General Assembly, the Board has been charged to research and discuss quality and access to current and future summer and afterschool programs.

The Board will make an initial report to the general assembly by November 1, 2016. Board members include representatives from state agencies, education, youth development, and school-age childcare organizations from across the state. Link to the bill description: 

Full listing of Advisory Board members, click HERE.

How I Pulled Off a Successful Site Visit at My Afterschool Program
Q&A with Herb Higgin of Safe Harbor in Michigan City, Indiana
Who Visited: Senator Joe Donnelly
(The visit took place when the Senator served as a Congressman for Indiana's 2nd Congressional District)
When: 2007
Name of site: Joy Elementary Safe Harbor Afterschool Program, Michigan City

Highlights: Senator Donnelly jumped right on our low ropes course with the kids! Ever since this visit he has welcomed us in many other venues, including visits to his offices on the Hill in Washington D.C., where we are able to continue our conversation about the impact of afterschool programs in Michigan City.

Q: How did you lay the groundwork for Senator Donnelly's visit to your program?
We contacted Congressman's Donnelly office when we received our 21st Century Community Learning Center grant in order to help him see first-hand how the grant dollars are being used. 

Q: How did you kick off your site visit with Senator Donnelly?
We kicked off the visit with a press conference including local dignitaries: the Mayor, Superintendent, Principals, our Board of Trustees and staff and mentors from the community.

Q: How did the students/staff respond to Senator Donnelly visit?
The kids and the staff were great! It was the first time they had met a Congressman and they were star struck. It was a great day and it brought the work that our staff do to a new level of sophistication.

Q: Why do you think it's important to invite leaders or legislators to visit your afterschool program?
A site visit brings so many benefits to everyone. It is a win/win/win situation.  Just that one visit spurred new relationship building with our State Representative, Scott Pelath and State Senator, James Arnold. Senator Arnold and his wife Lauren have since participated in one of our summer camp family whiffle ball games! His constituents were thrilled to the Senator having some fun with us.

Q: What's some advice you would give to an afterschool program seeking to set up a site visit?
I think programs should go through the natural procedures of contacting policymakers' support staff through local, Washington and/or Indianapolis offices, in order to first develop a relationship. Then, highlight a SPECIAL event or fundraiser that will draw a lot of traffic.  A formal and phone invitation is important. But -- have FUN with the process and engage them in the activity, it has worked well with us!