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Recently, we have seen some long overdue progress on the issue of interprovincial trade. On July 22, at a Council of the Federation meeting, a tripartite agreement was announced between BC, Ontario and Quebec, allowing interprovincial wine sales between these three wine-producing provinces. While the agreement does not cover direct winery-to-consumer sales, consumers will soon be able to order out-of-province wine via their provincial liquor boards. In the case of Ontario, it can be assumed the program is based on the LCBO e-commerce program for "special orders" of Canadian wines announced late last year, specifically: 
  • wines would not be stocked; they would be ordered by the LCBO/SAQ from the winery following a customer order; and
  • the winery would ship the wine to the LCBO/SAQ, which would then either deliver the wine to a store for pick up by the customer (free) or arrange for delivery to the customer's home or office at extra cost.

Together with the Canadian Vintners Association (CVA), the BC Wine Institute (BCWI) has long urged the provinces' Premiers to include wine in the modernized Agreement on Internal Trade. At the same Council of the Federation meeting, there was also an agreement-in-principle to an unprecedented new Canadian Free Trade Agreement. Unfortunately, alcohol was not included in the agreement, though a working group has been established to explore ways to improve national trade in alcoholic beverages. 


Still, with more than 70% of Canadians not legally permitted to order directly from an out-of-province winery, and while these were significant steps forward, the announcements do not completely (or adequately) address the BCWI and CVA petition that 100% BC wine be allowed to ship directly to any consumer (of legal age) across Canada.

It's been more than four years since Bill C-311 amended the 
prohibition-era relic barring the shipment of any alcohol from one province into another province and created a national personal use exemption for wine - subject to applicable provincial laws. And, despite BC's government stepping up to lead the country in being the first province to allow for the direct shipping of any 100% Canadian wine from a winery to consumer for personal consumption, the recent Ontario and Quebec agreement falls well short of the reciprocity as hoped for.

Meanwhile, back in the vineyards, the first quarter of Fiscal 2017 saw the earliest budbreak on record in the Okanagan Valley due to the arrival of early hot temperatures and wineries report veraison is about three weeks earlier than is typical. This was followed by more moderate and low temperatures late in the quarter which brought visitors and locals alike from the beaches to the winery tasting rooms. With BC VQA Wine market growth up significantly in the first two reporting periods of the quarter, this fiscal year is looking good!

We didn't think it was possible but the first quarter of Fiscal 2017 was busier than ever. In May, the BCWI took the Wines of British Columbia to London and showcased our wines at multiple events.

I met with the buyer from The Wine Society to present a portfolio of BC wines for consideration for their many direct to consumer programs. The Wine Society is London's oldest and largest wine club, where UK residents can purchase directly from a selection of more than 2,000 wines. The Wines of British Columbia were well received by the group with individual wineries encouraged to follow up directly with the buyer.

For the fourth time, the London High Commission hosted Taste Canada UK at their prestigious address in Trafalgar Square. More than 200 key trade and media attended on the day to taste wines from the 12 presenting BC wineries and others from around the country. Wineries poured wines for many influential wine media and trade that were in attendance, including Stephen Spurrier, Dr. Jamie Goode and Tina Gellie.

The BCWI joined the Wines of Nova Scotia, the Wine Marketing Association of Ontario and the Canadian Vintners Association under the banner of Wines of Canada to promote our respective regions at the Cool Climate Wine Symposium in Brighton. Again, many key influencers were in attendance, including Jancis Robinson, Oz Clarke and Dr. Jamie Goode. BC VQA Wines were poured at each break over the three days. BC showcased a great selection of wine at the Sea Life reception on the second evening with guests enjoying six wines paired to seafood canapés. 

Finally, we were thrilled to be part of the committee responsible for creating the successful pitch for Canada to host the 2020 Cool Climate Wine Symposium. There was great excitement when Canada was announced at the conclusion of the UK event.

For further information on any of the above events or the UK market please contact me at

During the first quarter of Fiscal 2017, the BCWI hosted 43 media and wine judges in region for media-related activities, including three familiarization tours welcoming two acclaimed international wine writers from the UK and USA to the beautiful Okanagan Valley and Similkameen Valley; four acclaimed BC wine writers to our emerging wine regions; and an organized self-guided tour for SIP Northwest Magazine's wine columnist and his photographer. 

A BCWI dinner, co-hosted by Tantalus Vineyards, for our member wineries and 26 WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada judges, provided a great opportunity for our members to welcome the judges to the Okanagan Valley. 
Jamie Goode FAM Tour
Visiting Meyer Family Vineyards: (L-R) Michael Bartier, Bartier Bros. Vineyard & Winery; Caroline & Tim Cottrill, Robin Ridge Winery; Dr. Jamie Goode; Elaine Chukhan Brown; Gavin Miller, Upper Bench Estate Winery; Taylor Whelan, CedarCreek Estate Winery; and JAK Meyer and Chris Carson of Meyer Family Vineyards.
Speaking of judges, the second annual Judgment of BC event welcomed 32 of Canada's top wine judges including two acclaimed international wine critics and all three Masters of Wines from BC. 

The BCWI was also a sponsor of the Spring Okanagan Wine Festival, hosting three wine and food media for a dinner at the Vanilla Pod Restaurant, and hosting six international and national travel, lifestyle and food media at the Watermark Beach Resort's annual travel media FAM winemakers' dinner at Backyard Farm Chef's Table.

In Q1, I participated in two travel writers' conferences, including the BC Association of Travel Writers Annual Symposium in Vancouver, where I had the opportunity to speak on the industry panel and pitch BC wine tourism to 60 travel, lifestyle, food and wine writers. In San Francisco, the BCWI sponsored Destination Canada's welcoming reception at Canada Media Marketplace (CMM), highlighting the Wines of British Columbia to 115 influential print and television media from the USA and 113 destination marketing organization partners from across Canada. I also held one-on-one pitching sessions with 24 US writers, editors and producers. 

The BCWI hosted five VIP BC VQA Wine seminars enabling the Wines of British Columbia to reach more than 130 media. Our annual Vintage Media Preview seminar in Vancouver provided an in-depth review of the 2015 vintages and releases. Moderated by DJ Kearney with a panel of five BC winemakers from across the province, this event brought out 39 key media and trade - our largest turnout yet. 

Prior to our BC VQA Spring Release Tasting events in Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver, we held VIP seminars, again seeing record high attendance with 28 media and trade in Alberta, and 62 attendees in BC. The seminars offered a look at the different styles of wine being made from some of BC's most prominent, on-trend varieties from BCWI member wineries selected by moderators Brad Royale, Rhys Pender MW, and Sharon McLean.

To see the sales reports from April and May, click on the links below. The June report is not yet available. Highlights from Q1 (April & May only): 
  • BC VQA Wine market share (in litres) in BC for the 12 months (R12) ended April 2016 was 16.58% - a growth of 11.91% over the same period last year.
  • BC VQA Wine market share (in litres) in BC for the 12 months (R12) end May 2016 was 16.91% - a growth of 20.11% over the same period last year.

British Columbia's wine industry is thriving thanks to a handful of hard-working visionaries, the exceptional people who craft the wines, outstanding wine regions (established and emerging), dedicated teams who have built excellent relationships with the various trade channels and the ongoing support from local consumers who are buying local. For more than 25 years, our vibrant industry has and continues to make a name for itself nationally and internationally. 

In conjunction with our BC VQA Spring Release Tastings, the BCWI held trade symposiums for our member wineries and their agents to provide insights into current BC wine trends, objectives, incentives and best practices from the perspective of key industry representatives. 

The Discover BC VQA Spring Release Tasting in Edmonton on May 3 was a great success with 30 participating wineries showcasing their BC VQA Wines to trade, media and influential buyers. In our survey, 50% of responding attendees listed a new BC VQA Wine as a result of attending the tasting, and 90% planned to do so in the near future. 

Our Edmonton symposium featured two keynote speakers: Vice President of Liquor Services, Alain Maisonneuve with the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Control Board, and Margaux Burgess with the Alberta Liquor Store Association, who presented on their roles and insights in the liquor industry in Alberta. Click to read their bios.

Thirty-nine participating wineries showcased more than 150 BC VQA Wines to 119 trade, media and influential buyers at the Discover tasting in Calgary on May 4. Survey results showed 64% of responding attendees listed a new BC VQA Wine as a result of attending the tasting, and 64% planned to do so in the near future. 
Calgary's symposium featured Mike Roberts, Sommelier Manager at Co-op Wine Spirits Beer, and Brad Royale, Wine Director Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts, presenting from the on- and off-premise perspectives in Alberta and providing their insights around the current impacts of Alberta's economy. Click to read their bios.

"Always very knowledgeable, good to try new vintages, new products and meet the 
people behind the products," said one attendee about the Bloom BC VQA Spring Release Tasting held in Victoria on May 18. The event featured 74 wineries showcasing their BC VQA Wines to 147 attending trade, media and influential buyers. Survey results showed 74% of responding attendees listed a new BC VQA Wine as a result of attending the tasting, and 70% planned to do so in the near future. 
Enjoying the BCWI's Bloom BC VQA Spring Release Tasting in Victoria, May 18 are (L-R) Scott Locke, CedarCreek Estate Winery; Rob Smith, Hester Creek Estate Winery; and Erik Fisher, Monte Creek Ranch Winery.

We had amazing turnout at the Bloom BC VQA Spring Release Tasting in Vancouver on May 19, with 511 trade, media and influential buyers attending. Eighty-six wineries poured more than 300 BC VQA Wines. Survey results showed 60% of responding attendees listed a new BC VQA Wine as a result of attending and 77% planned to do so in the near future. 

Sheri-Lee Turner-Krouzel and Curtis Krouzel, owners of 50th Parallel Estate at Bloom in Vancouver, May 19.

"I think it was a good idea making winery principal attendance mandatory. I believe the guests appreciated it as it gave the event a point of difference over other similar industry events," said Caroline Tucker, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Quails' Gate Winery.

Taking advantage of the quality and depth of trade in attendance, the Wines of British Columbia booth optimized these opportunities by promoting our BCWI Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Programs and the importance of front-line staff and trade becoming leading experts in BC's and Alberta's wine industries.

Promotional material showcasing the BCWI's previous Buy Local campaign, BC VQA. OR YOU COULD CALL IT BC DNA., was showcased to capture the interest of retail outlets and restaurants and encourage them to participate in this year's campaign. 

The BC Wine Institute partnered with the Alberta Liquor Store Association (ALSA) to sponsor a day in their "Into the Vineyard" education trip to the Okanagan Valley. The group consisted of both on- and off-premise professionals representing key regions of Alberta, including Edmonton, Calgary and Jasper. The day started with our Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Program, facilitated by Marcus Ansems MW, which the group reported was a favourite part of their trip. The rest of the day was filled with vineyard tours, tastings with winemakers, engaging with owners and experiencing what BC VQA Wine is bringing to the market. 

"#alsacamp was an incredible experience and a powerful way to truly understand the wines of the Okanagan," said Margaux Burgess, ALSA Education.

Alberta Liquor Store Association FAM Tour - 2016

Twenty-five Overwaitea Food Group store managers and key wine staff spent four days touring the Okanagan Valley and Similkameen Valley for a hands-on educational experience of BC VQA Wines. Rhys Pender MW set the tone as he facilitated the BCWI Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Program. Included was a paired tasting to showcase how wine and food interact. As the group traveled through the valleys they were exposed to incredible variations in terroir. 

Overwaitea Food Group BCVQA Wine in Grocery FAM Tour - 2016
At each vineyard and winery the Overwaitea Food Group team met exceptional people whose passion for their craft was truly evident. The host wineries provided strong educational elements providing the group with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the BC wine industry. 
"[This] really was a great opportunity for our wine team to not only learn first-hand about the wineries, their wines and the experiences that are shared at the winery, but to establish a relationship between our team and the winery principals that will support direct interaction with our wine customers on a day-to-day basis," said Steve Moriarty, Director, Wines of British Columbia at Save-On-Foods.
The BC Wine Institute's partnership with Co-op Wine Spirits Beer continues to grow. Co-op Wine Spirits Beer is a division of Calgary Co-op, one of the largest retail co-operatives in North America with more than 440,000 members. Each spring, we feature an in-store promotion to showcase the Wines of British Columbia to their customers. We provide education to their staff through our Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Program to strengthen BC VQA Wine sales and grow the category. This year they provided us with the additional opportunity to participate in their annual Grape Escape event including two prominent educational sessions featuring key BC varietals trending in their stores.

Coop Wine Spirits Beer FAM Tour - 2016

As we have done for the past two years, the BCWI again hosted Category Buyer Lana Turner and their new in-store managers and sommeliers for an educational tour throughout the Okanagan Valley. We are working with Lana to create an experience for her team to gain a stronger understanding of our local wine industry and the passion behind BC VQA Wines to be translated back into the Alberta market.

"The wineries we visit show our managers how wine is made both in the vineyard and in the wineries. We also do extensive tastings which highlight the quality of BC VQA Wines. The managers are always blown away by how good the wines are. I would like to thank all of the wineries that we have visited over the past three years for hosting us and giving us the opportunity to learn and experience BC VQA Wines "hands on," said Lana Turner, Category Buyer - Wine, Co-op Wine Spirits Beer.

Front-line staff play an intricate role in the consumer experience. The BCWI Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Programs are developed to assist staff in becoming leading experts in our local wine industry creating expertise, loyalty and confidence to be the best possible ambassadors for our local wine industry and the Wines of British Columbia. A special thank you to our member wineries who continue to support these programs with their wines and promote attendance to their trade contacts. Below is an overview of the Ambassador Programs that took place in May and June featuring 54 BC VQA Wines in tutored tastings with each seminar.

This spring, BC wine educator and Georgia Straight wine columnist Kurtis Kolt facilitated 31 Level 1 and Level 2 trade-focused Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Programs in Vancouver, Victoria, Penticton, Kamloops, Kelowna and Tofino.

Kurtis Kolt, front of room, facilitates a BCWI Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Program.

Participant survey results:
  • 81% of respondents learned more about the Wines of British Columbia than they knew before.
  • More than 84% of respondents said they were "more likely to recommend BC VQA Wines to my customers after attending this seminar."
  • 97% strongly agreed that the instructor was knowledgeable and presented the information in a manner that was easy to understand and made the seminar enjoyable.
Feedback from a trade session participant: "The course was amazing - learned so much. I manage a restaurant in Victoria and a lot of my staff went as well and came back to work with so much enthusiasm from it. The instructor was very engaging and had my attention the whole time (kind of a rare thing with industry people, ha-ha). I would be so happy to do the course again and recommend it to as many people as I could."

BC wineries were provided the opportunity to have their staff attend our Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Program in Osoyoos, Penticton and Kelowna in May. Rhys Pender MW facilitated each session providing an in-depth overview of our wine industry. 
Feedback from a winery tasting room manager: "I want to thank you for a wonderfully informative seminar yesterday. It is so good to have all that information available to tasting room staff." 
With increased demand from Alberta trade for our Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Program, award-winning wine director Brad Royale facilitated sessions throughout May and June for both on- and off-premise industry professionals. More sessions are planned for the fall to meet demand and continue to build the Wines of British Columbia category in Alberta.

Participant survey results:
  • 100% of Level 2 respondents agreed the seminar built on information learned in Level 1.
  • 100% of Level 2 respondents agreed the seminar expanded their knowledge of the BC wine industry as it relates to the world.
  • 100% of Level 2 respondents agreed that after taking this course they are more likely to recommend BC VQA Wines to their guests.
  • 100% of Level 1 respondents said they learned more about the Wines of British Columbia than they knew before.
Feedback from an Alerta trade session participant: "Great introduction! Can't wait to learn more and take Level 2. Loved the wine!" 

This marketing partnership is a fantastic opportunity for our BCWI member wineries to showcase their wines to Visa Infinite cardholders by working together with celebrity chefs to create unforgettable culinary experiences in award-winning restaurants. Two Visa Infinite Wine Country Series events occured during the first quarter:

Cilantro | June 5, 2016 | Calgary, AB
BC wine country came to Calgary when celebrity Okanagan chef Brock Bowes met Cilantro's rising star Josh Cocca for a brunch paired with some of BC's most distinctive wines. Brad Royale, the multiple-award-winning wine director for Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts, guided guests through the wine pairings. 

Royal Dinette | June 15, 2016 | Vancouver, BC
If you've been lucky enough to enjoy any of Joy Road Catering's memorable events in the Okanagan Valley, you know that chef-proprietors Cameron Smith and Dana Ewart are fervently passionate about everything that comes from the soils of BC wine country. Whether it be celebrating orchard fruits and leafy greens on the plate or toasting brilliant BC wines in the glass - their love for the offerings of the land was evident at this event.

This spring, the BCWI established a new partnership with the largest seafood festival in the province, the BC Shellfish and Seafood Festival. 
Led by Comox Valley Economic Development and Tourism (CVEDS), the BC seafood industry and the culinary sector, the 10th annual event featured more than 25 gala dinners; producer farm tours; educational seminars; industry networking events; friendly competitions; and pairing events featuring BC VQA Wine, BC seafood and BC beer from June 9 through 19. 

Eight BCWI member wineries participated in the Fresh Fest signature kick-off event where each winery was paired with a local BC chef in showcasing and providing BC VQA Wine and seafood pairings to a crowd of 250 trade and media, including 11 wine and food media from The Province, Alaska Airlines, China Daily and more; eight notable delegates, including Comox Valley MLA Don McRae, Comox Mayor Paul Ives and Campbell River Mayor Andrew Adams; and eight culinary partners, including Chef Ned Bell and Chef Ronald St. Pierre from Local's Restaurant in Comox. 

Of special note, the BCWI partnered in the Buy Local campaign (via the Province of British Columbia's Buy Local program) called BC Seafood on Your Plate with CVEDS, the BC Craft Brewers Guild and the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association. This initiative included seafood store promotions, and BC wine and seafood pairing events at Vancouver Island Cascadia Liquor Stores. These promotions highlighted BC wines that were featured throughout the festival. 

In collaboration with The Somm Journal, the BC Wine Institute hosted "Somm Camp 2016" in the Okanagan Valley. During this three-day camp from March 20 through 24, 12 influential wine buyers and sommeliers from the West Coast of the United States had the opportunity to visit a number of BC wineries and get up-close and personal with the people behind our amazing wines.

Thank you to Randy Caparoso from The Somm Journal and The Tasting Panel for co-hosting the group and working with the BC Wine Institute to put on a fantastic camp itinerary! Click here to read the post-camp article titled "High Latitude, Low Attitude" in the June/July issue of The Somm Journal
Direct and indirect media coverage of the BC Wine Institute, its members and the Wines of British Columbia reached more than 70 million readers and viewers from April 1 through June 30. Value for media coverage totaled $536,359.  
Alison Sinkewicz (Montecristo Magazine)
Alistair Veen (WineAlign Judge)
Anthony Gismondi (WineAlign Judge)
Barbara Philip MW (Judgment of BC)
Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson (WineAlign Judge)
Bill Zacharkiw (WineAlign Judge)
Brad Royale (WineAlign Judge)
Brent Muller (WineAlign Judge)
Craig Pinhey (WineAlign Judge)
Daenna Van Mulligen (The Wine Diva)
David Lawrason (WineAlign Judge)
DJ Kearney (WineAlign Judge)
Dr. Jamie Goode (
Dr. Janet Dorozynski (WineAlign Judge)
Elaine Chukan Brown ( & Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews)
Heather Rankin (WineAlign Judge)
Iain Philip (Wine Educator)
Jennifer Havers (Ottawa Citizen,
John Szabo MS (WineAlign Judge)
Joy Pecknold (Fashion Magazine)
Krissy Vann (Weather Network)
Kurtis Kolt (Judgment of BC)
Lauren Toyota (YouTube & Social Influencer)
Marc Smith (30 Day Adventures)
Marcus Ansems (Judgment of BC)
Mark Filatow (Judgment of BC)
Michael Godel (WineAlign Judge)
Michaela Morris (Westender)
Michelle Bouffard (WineAlign Judge)
Nadia Fournier (WineAlign Judge)
Rémy Charest (WineAlign Judge)
Rhys Pender MW (WineAlign Judge)
Sara d'Amato (WineAlign Judge)
Sarah Bancroft (Vitamin Daily)
Sarah Harowitz (Editor, Montecristo Magazine)
Sebastien Le Goff (Judgment of BC)
Sharon McLean (WineAlign Judge)
Siobhan Higgins (LAX Magazine)
Sid Cross (Wine Writer)
Steve Thurlow (WineAlign Judge)
Tim Pawsey (Judgment of BC)
Treve Ring (WineAlign Judge)
Zach Geballe (SIP Northwest Magazine)

BC Association of Travel Writers Annual Symposium (Vancouver)
Canada Media Marketplace (San Francisco)
Vintage 2015 Media Preview (Vancouver)
Okanagan Wine Festival Association Media FAM Dinner (Naramata)
Watermark Beach Resort Media FAM Winemakers' Dinner (Osoyoos)
Discover BC VQA Spring Release Tasting VIP Media & Trade Seminars (Calgary & Edmonton)
Bloom BC VQA Spring Release Tasting VIP Media & Trade Seminars (Vancouver & Victoria)
Fresh Fest Signature Event - BC Shellfish & Seafood Festival (Comox)
Second Annual Judgment of BC (Summerland)
WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada Judges' Dinner (Kelowna)

HIGLIGHTS IN THE NEWS | Okanagan Valley leads wine scene
The BC Wine Institute received funding from Destination BC's new Co-op Marketing Partnership Program for its Wine and Culinary Tourism Strategy. In a media release, we promoted the associated growth of the BC wine industry as a tourist destination and reached millions of people through news publications and social media activity.

The discussion on allowing BC VQA Wine on grocery store shelves in Kamloops resulted in three city council meetings attended by BCWI President and CEO Miles Prodan creating a lot of buzz among local media. | In the Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada, day 1: Quails' Gate
The above link is to one of four blog posts Dr. Jamie Goode wrote on the Wines of British Columbia from his five-day BCWI-hosted FAM tour here in June. 

Zach Geballe, wine columnist for SIP Northwest Magazine, writes about his experience in the Similkameen Valley highlighting wineries and his favourite wines as part of his 3-day FAM tour organized by the BCWI. 

The BCWI's second annual Judgment of BC, curated by DJ Kearney, and in partnership with the WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada judging panel, received media attention from top wine writers, publications and media outlets from Canada and around the world. In fact, the 20 articles and broadcast news coverage reached more than 15 million readers and viewers and generated $149,523 in unpaid media coverage (to date). For a list of media coverage on the Judgment of BC (from June 1 through July 22), click here

For a list of media coverage generated from April 1 through June 30, click here.

Direct and indirect social media reach on Twitter made more than 242,000 impressions through 142 tweets and 387 mentions. @WineBCdotcom gained 239 followers from April 1 through June 30. Our top tweet was sent from CMM in San Francisco earning almost 5,000 impressions. Our top mention came from Dr. Jamie Goode during his BCWI FAM tour earning 162 engagements.

For the full snapshot of WineBCdotcom Twitter activity, click here.

Our Instagram account received 1,133 direct engagements through likes and comments on unique posts and gained 223 followers from April 1 through June 30. Not following us on Instagram? Find us here.
For a snapshot of WineBCdotcom Instagram activity click here.

In order to ensure the Wines of British Columbia stay top of mind in key markets and to make sure consumers and industry remain informed on issues affecting the wine industry, the BC Wine Institute regularly issues press releases to a group of more than 300 media, primarily in Canada and the US.

Press releases issued in Q1 (and beyond) are located in the News section of our Press Room on


Competition season hits a peak in Q1 of each fiscal year, and this year was no different! In the first quarter, the BCWI consolidated our members BC VQA Wines for nine competitions where they won no less than 850 awards!

A snapshot of notable awards won by BCWI member wineries in the first quarter:
  • Arrowleaf Cellars Riesling 2015 BC VQA Okanagan Valley - Trophy Best White Wine of the Year/Double Gold at All Canadian Wine Championships
  • CedarCreek Estate Winery Platinum Block 3 Riesling 2014 BC VQA Okanagan Valley - Platinum at Decanter World Wine Awards
  • Deep Roots Winery Syrah 2014 Okanagan Valley - Trophy Best Red Wine of the Year/Double Gold at All Canadian Wine Championships
  • Inniskillin Okanagan Vineyards Dark Horse Riesling Icewine 2012 BC VQA Okanagan Valley - Gold Outstanding at International Wine & Spirit Competition
  • Lake Breeze Vineyards Semillon 2014 BC VQA Okanagan Valley - Chairman's Award at Dan Berger's International Wine Competition
  • Mission Hill Family Estate Winery Pinot Gris 2015 BC VQA Okanagan Valley - Best of Varietal at San Francisco International Wine Competition
  • Moon Curser Vineyards Carmenere 2013 BC VQA Okanagan Valley - Best of Class 96 Points at Los Angeles International Wine Awards
  • Poplar Grove Winery Cabernet Franc 2013 BC VQA Okanagan Valley - Best of Varietal at San Francisco International Wine Competition 

To see a list of award-winning BC VQA Wines, visit the Awards page of 

British Columbia Wine Institute: Visit us online at (consumer) | (member & media)