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June 16, 2014 - Are you working your plan? Or are everyone else's plans working you?  If you find yourself frustrated by not being able to focus upon what you want or need, it is time to ask yourself why you are allowing this to happen. If you have goals, aspirations and desires, and you cannot seem to give any time to them, you are making a decision that other things are more important. If you have not defined the specific actions you could be taking, it is easy to be pulled in a multitude of directions. An action plan helps drive your focus, and then, most important of all, taking action helps drive momentum.


Take an MM&I Moment to determine if your lack of an action plan is the culprit for everyone else's demands getting the best of you. If you do have an action plan, but are not executing it, then ask yourself what is keeping you from taking the initiative. If it is because the next step appears to be overwhelming, how can you make it less overwhelming by breaking it into manageable steps for making progress? If it is because you are uncertain about which is the next best step to take, seek advice. The bottom line is that your actions really do speak louder than words regarding what is important to you, not just in how it appears to others. Taking action on a daily basis towards your desires will help you realize momentum in both expected and unexpected ways, and with that momentum you will be unstoppable.  


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying." - W. Clement Stone


Savvy Secret Tip of the Week

Have you defined a marketing strategy to build long-term preference of your company over competitors, or are you merely implementing a marketing campaign for short-term appeal against your competitors? A campaign, just like in politics, is short-lived and more often than not, short-sighted. A marketing strategy executed with purposeful intent and mindful distinction lays the groundwork for long-term advantage that can continue to build momentum and opportunities while competitors are left wishing they had been so savvy to execute. To learn more, read Secrets #3 (Beyond Capabilities), #7 (Strategy into the Plan), #13 (Masters of Mindshare), #19 (Segmenting & Targeting), and #46 (Income Streams) in my book, 50 Marketing Secrets. To order the book, CLICK HERE!

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