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March 17, 2014 -  Do you have some exciting opportunities that you hope will work out in your favor? Are you feeling that you have done all you can do in a particular situation? Do you find yourself more often than not hoping for a little luck to push you to your next level of achievement? Just as you get excited about the possibility of finding that four-leaf clover amidst a sea of clover, use that same excitement and anticipation to focus more on the thrill of achieving, rather than just the hope that luck will be on your side through continuous and concentrated action.  If you truly believe you deserve what you desire, your focus on luck is getting in your way.


Take an MM&I Moment to explore and empower your options to move whatever you are seeking to achieve forward. Have you really done everything you can do in a particular endeavor? There is always some useful action that can be taken. Take a moment and list five things that you can do. What luck are you hoping will occur?  A connection?  A source of funding? An extended contract? A chance meeting?  Now note five things you can do to get just one step closer.  You possess within you the potential to manifest what you ultimately desire. Luck has nothing to do with it. Leveraging what you have already done combined with tenacity, impassioned focus and keen awareness will help you leap mountains. Remember: CAN DO means Conscientious Action Nurtures Desired Outcomes. Chances are, if you truly examined any given situation that seemed like it was a lucky gift, there actually were things you did along the way that enabled it to come into being.   


Synergized Quote of the Week

"It's a funny thing, the more I practice, the luckier I get." - Arnold Palmer


Savvy Secret Tip of the Week

How aware are your existing customers about all that your business offers? In more than 30 years of interviewing and surveying customers of my client companies, there have been only a handful of companies that have done a good job of keeping customers informed and engaged in this area. Chances are, your company is among those that explored and were surprised to find that more than half of their customers knew about less than half of what was being offered. That's a lot of money being left on the table by people who already have been spending money with you! To learn more, read Secrets #15 (Connecting Customers), #17 (Informing Customers), #18 (The Personal Touch) and #21 (The WOW Factor) in my book, 50 Marketing Secrets. To order the book, CLICK HERE!
"YOU-NIQUENESS" THIS THURSDAY, MARCH 20: I will be in Lincolnton presenting the program, "Embracing You-niqueness: The Personal Side of Branding to Achieve All You Can Be at Work and in Life," this Thursday, March 20th. The program will take place at the Gaston College Cochrane Science Building, Room 117, in the afternoon from 2 - 5 p.m. For more information, or to register, CLICK HERE.

I have the pleasure of being a guest on the radio show hosted by Wayne Bidelman and Joe Vagnone, Local Biz Now, on WSIC 1400 AM in Statesville this Friday, from 8 - 9 a.m.. To listen in to the live stream or learn more about other guests and the program, CLICK HERE.
AMONG THE MENTORS FOR BUSINESS JOURNAL'S MENTORING MONDAY, APRIL 7: It is my pleasure and privilege to be among the women invited to be mentors at the Charlotte Business Journal BizWomen Mentoring Monday event featuring a live broadcast interview with Lori Greiner from Shark Tank (one of my favorite shows). The event takes place at the Harris Conference Center at 3216 CPCC Harris Campus Drive in Charlotte (near the airport). To read my mentor bio, CLICK HERE. To learn more about the event, CLICK HERE.  

I will be the featured speaker to the Huntersville "Happy Hour" Rotary Club at its April 14th meeting from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. at Dressler's Restaurant in Birkdale Village. I will be sharing "CRISP to the Third Power: Power of People" highlighting a formula for success in leveraging the power of people and relationships in business. To learn more about the Huntersville Happy Hour Rotary Club, becoming a member and its upcoming programs CLICK HERE.

WERE YOU ENLIGHTENED BY THAT "LOST HOUR"?: In my March Me, Myself & Inc. column in Sophie Woman's Magazine, I share my perspective on the value and enlightenment that can come from embracing the "lost" and "gained" hours during Daylight Savings time changes each Spring and Fall. To read the column, CLICK HERE and go to page 29.

ARE YOUR STANDARDS SENDING THE WRONG MESSAGE?: In my March BizGrowth 5.0 column, I share five areas where entrepreneurs may be causing more harm than good. See if your company is practicing any of these missteps with regard to standards, processes and procedures by CLICKING HERE.

IS YOUR WORK ETHIC AFFECTING PRODUCTIVITY?  In my February BizGrowth 5.0 column, I share five areas of misguided thinking around work ethic that can negatively impact productivity in the workplace. Has your business suffered because of one of them? To read the column, CLICK HERE.
READY TO GROW IN 2014? Are you interested in taking your company to its next level or need some fresh ideas? To learn more, CLICK HERE. Then give me a call at 704.483.2941 or reply to this email to arrange a consultation.

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