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May 20, 2013 -  Are you experiencing opposition or lack of support in an endeavor you are seeking to achieve that is causing you frustration?  Is this situation incapacitating your next action?  Is the lack of support or opposition due to a lack of clarity or communication about what you are trying to ultimately achieve?  Do you need to more clearly communicate how the endeavor relates to others and how it can benefit them? Opposition should never be viewed from the defensive mindset, but rather from an opportunity mindset. What can you learn, or what more needs to be understood in order to bring more support to you?  What needs to be better explained or clarified in order to shift others from opposing your ideas or recommendations to being open to exploring these things with you?


Take an MM&I Moment to better understand why the opposition or lack of support is occurring. List the reasons given and view them from an objective, unemotional perspective. Analyze these reasons logically regarding what may be missing in your communication or your approach that could help others better understand and embrace what you are seeking to achieve. Ask additional questions to determine what could gain more support or what could help make the ideas become even better and more plausible. By seeking to understand and improve versus seeking to defend and holding firm, you are letting others know you are hearing them and also respecting them. By acknowledging others' perspectives while encouraging them to also consider the opportunity before them, you are gaining their respect, and most likely even greater support in the long run moving forward. Best of all, almost always an even better end result is realized. 


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Don't be afraid of opposition. Remember, a kite rises against, not with the wind." - Hamilton Wright Mable  


Savvy Secret Tip of the Week

How are you empowering everyone in your company to WOW your customers? Have you identified the key factors that will make your company excel in what it offers, be memorable in how you your offerings are provided, and gain loyalty by inspiring customers to believe your offerings cannot be received in quite the same way or with better quality anywhere else?  To learn more about how to differentiate your company in customer-centric ways, read Secrets #2 (Memorable Experience), #14 (Relationships vs. Transactions), #18 (The Personal Touch) and #21 (The WOW Factor) in my book, 50 Marketing Secrets. To order the book, CLICK HERE!
ARE YOU EFFECTIVELY NURTURING YOURSELF?  This is the topic of my Me, Myself & Inc. column in May edition of Sophie Woman's Magazine. Just as our busy, demanding lives can put us in an autopilot state of doing, it also can result in putting ourselves last on the list of caring and nurturing as we focus on everyone else in our lives. To inspire you to take a little time for yourself this month, CLICK HERE to read my column. If you missed reading "Are You Operating in Autopilot?" in my Me, Myself & Inc. column in the April issue of Sophie Woman's Magazine, CLICK HERE.


DOES TECHNOLOGY FRUSTRATE YOU? In May's BizGrowth 5.0 column, I asked "Does technology in your business frustrate you?"  Too often, assumptions or unclear communication put business owners and their technology providers at odds with one another unintentionally. Read this month's column to see if any of these situations are a source of your frustration and learn how you can rectify it for greater control and a better relationship with your technology as a whole. CLICK HERE to read the column. 


ARE YOU BUILDING A COMPANY OF ENDURANCE? I am excited to share a new corporate culture diagnostic and assessment process I developed with Dr. J. Kevin Toomb. It has been successfully beta tested through work with client, John Owens of Owens Management Group, who inspired and funded the assessment's development. John and I will be conducting a three-hour workshop in association with BIG Council on the morning of June 4th at Piedmont Natural Gas training center. Mark your calendars and plan to experience this unique opportunity to explore your company's endurance and how corporate culture could be negatively affecting it. The workshop will include attendees getting to take the assessment with results being shared individually for customized insight after the event. Stay tuned for more details about the event. CLICK HERE to learn more about the assessment.  


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