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                                          Fall 2016
Promising Technologies Now Available for Licensing

A Novel Family of Small Molecule Inhibitors with Potential for Cancer Drugs
The TAM receptors (Tyro3, Axl, and Mertk) are a family of three homologous receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) that play important roles in tissue homeostasis, immune response, and the resolution of inflammation. Besides the intracellular catalytic kinase domain common to all kinases, the TAMs uniquely contain an extracellular domain that distinguishes them among all known kinases. Rutgers scientists have discovered a novel family of small molecule inhibitors that uniquely block TAM activation by the endogenous ligand Gas6 in the extracellular domain. As a result, this discovery has shown to have greater selectivity and specificity, improved safety profile (fewer side effects), and high efficiency (because they bind to an extracellular region rather than inside the tumor cell). These drug candidates could represent the first of their kind in cancer therapeutics.

Genomic Modification in Soybeans for Nematode Resistance
Rutgers scientists have developed a new method for inducing resistance to soybean cyst nematode (SCN) by using root-specific RNA interference (RNAi) technology. Specifically, RNAi was used to express small RNAs targeting a critical SCN ribosomal gene under the root-specific promoter in soybean plants. As a result, this new development is a root-specific expression of the transgene that is economical, simple, chemical-free, and eco-friendly with no known side effect/toxicity associated. 
Read more and see additional technologies here.
Industry Access to New Supercomputer Via N.J. Big Data Alliance
Rutgers new supercomputer puts the university on the international stage for large data computing capabilities. According to the Top500 rankings, Caliburn, the new machine, is the 2nd most powerful computer at a Big Ten university and the 49th among all universities globally. As well as supporting researchers at Rutgers and other N.J. universities, the supercomputer will be an asset to the industry in New Jersey by helping them manage and analyze their larger-than-ever pools of data. Rutgers will work with the New Jersey Big Data Alliance to build the Industry Users Program. Read more here.
Selected Events 
September 30
Startup Support: NIH & NSF SBIR Reps at CCIT
October 24-25
Symposium on Biomaterials Science
October 27 
Rutgers Computer Science- 50th Anniversary Event

Manish Parashar (left) and Ivan Rodero
Photo by Nick Romanenko, Rutgers
Startup Support: Workshop with NIH & NSF SBIR Reps CCIT in North Brunswick Sept. 30
The Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies in North Brunswick will host a workshop September 30 with NIH and NSF representatives to discuss the agencies' SBIR programs. Learn more here.
Collaborative for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (CTEC) Off to a Great Start
This new graduate-level program, sponsored by Rutgers' Business School and School of Engineering and supported by the Office of Research and Economic Development, has started its second year of operations. The two-semester sequence teaches Masters and Doctoral students how to build technology-based ventures from the scientific discoveries taking place in labs across the Rutgers campuses and beyond. Last April, in its inaugural year, a CTEC team won $50,000 in a regional pitch competition sponsored by the DOE and is currently building a prototype wind power generation site in southern New Jersey (read more here). Stay tuned to see what develops from this years' cohort.

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