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"Saskatoon; we drove to you, spelled you correctly on a postcard and ate your chicken wings. So long for now. #letsdoitagainsoon"

- Hollerado, Canadian band (via Twitter).

eBulletin - April 2013

Persephone Theatre announces 2013/2014 season

“Our next Season builds on a great tradition of variety and diversity in our programming. Political and romantic intrigue, comedy, heartbreak, hope, surprise and happiness, and even curling are all waiting in the wings for you, ready to take their place on stage when the new season begins.” 
  -- Del Surjik, Artistic Director

Persephone Theatre’s 2013/2014 BMO Mainstage Season is filled with surprises – a comedy set in Belarus, a musical powered by the songs of Leonard Cohen, a prairie comedy classic for Christmas, a smart romantic comedy, a taut political thriller featuring none other than history’s most famous playwright, and an antics-filled romp to wrap up the year. The Deep End Series features a world premiere from an award-winning playwright, a brilliant show from some of Canada’s foremost puppeteers, and a four-way co-production with Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company, Western Canada Theatre, and Gateway Theatre.

The 2013/2014 Main Stage Season opens in September with Aaron Bushkowsky’s My Chernobyl, a sharp, off-kilter comedy that radiates wit. Next up we’ll be presenting the Firehall Arts Centre’s Chelsea Hotel, a genre-defying musical tale of love, loss, desire and illusion bound together by the music of Leonard Cohen. Our Christmas season features the curling classic The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon by Saskatchewan’s own W.O. Mitchell, a Canadian treasure that’s perfect for all ages. Things will heat up on stage in the New Year with the romantic comedy Strawberries in January, a smart, seductive story about finding love where you don’t expect it. After that we’ve got Bill Cain’s gripping historical thriller Equivocation, featuring sumptuous period costumes and a story of political intrigues woven around the infamous Gunpowder Plot. Wrapping up the season is Leading Ladies, a door-slamming, quick-changing comedic delight.

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Derby car restoration set to begin

The Saskatoon Antique Auto Club (SAAC) and the Western Development Museum (WDM) are pleased to announce a new partnership – the restoration of a 1927 Derby car from the WDM’s collection. The SAAC will undertake the work under the guidance of the Museum. The restoration will be completed in 2014 as a SAAC 50th anniversary project.

The Derby was really a Davis, manufactured in Richmond, Indiana by the Davis Motor Company, and imported to western Canada. Derby founder Louis Arsenault first brought the cars to Winnipeg where he changed the name plate and hubcaps to Derby. After running into financial trouble, Arsenault set his sights on Saskatoon.

By 1924, Derby Motor Cars Limited had an office in Saskatoon. The company planned to import cars in pieces and assemble them at the former Marshall tractor plant on 11th St. West. The building will be familiar to many Saskatonians as the recently demolished Mitchell’s Gourmet Foods, formerly Intercontinental Packers. Some sources say that no Derby cars were ever assembled in Saskatoon; others believe there may have been a handful. The evidence is not conclusive. By 1928, Arsenault’s Saskatoon dream was dead, the company defunct.

The WDM car has a Derby Motor Car Company, Winnipeg nameplate on the radiator and a Davis hubcap. Unfortunately, the story of this particular car has been lost to time. Nevertheless, the car represents the story of one man’s vision for a Saskatoon automobile industry.

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Socializing is a natural at the Saskatoon Farmers' Market


Cass Cozens has been working at St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation for six years. Previously, she helped produce the Northern Saskatchewan International Children’s Festival for two decades. Dr. Nigel West, a Health Sciences professor at the University of Saskatchewan, moved to Saskatoon from England in 1970. He intended to get a PhD and then move back. But, as he puts it, “life happened.”

The couple loves interacting with people of all ages and has a strong connection to their community. On Saturdays you can find them sipping coffee and visiting with regulars at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market — their favourite place in the city.

Q: When did you first start coming to the Farmer’s Market?

A: Cass: “We both used to go when it was outside the library, so we started coming here ever since it opened, and almost every Saturday. It’s a regular thing.”

Nigel: “It’s one thing that gets me out of bed on Saturday morning and gets some coffee into me.”

Q: What makes this your favourite place?

A: Nigel: “I think it’s the people. There are regulars you are pretty sure you are going to see. You’ve got such a wide range of ages of people mixing together and I think it’s a very positive environment. When you come here people are much happier. When you go to a supermarket everybody’s in their own bubble, but here, I mean, look and see how many people are smiling.”

Q: What do you like most about it?

A: Cass: “One of the things we really like, because there are so few tables to sit at, you’re sort of forced (if you want to sit down and eat) to ask if you can join someone. You meet really interesting people that you might not otherwise meet.”

Nigel: “You find people have extraordinary stories. People that you would pass in the street and not give them a second glance, when you start talking to them you find out things they’ve done and it’s amazing. The fact that there’s a relatively small amount of tables, especially in the winter, it’s kind of a positive because it forces people to interact.”

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2013 TMAC Conference & AGM

The 2013 Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) Conference and AGM is just a few short weeks away. Saskatoon looks forward to welcoming media and industry to the city June 12 to 15.

Last year, the conference focused on the art of place in Fredericton, New Brunswick. This year, delegates will experience Saskatoon, a city on the edge. On the edge of what? Attend the conference to find out!

Follow the story on Twitter (@TMACyxe2013) and Tumblr for the latest information on the 2013 conference and Saskatoon events.

Don't miss out on the media marketplace, professional development sessions and networking opportunities - register now!

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