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"They call it the "Paris of the Prairies" but I think Saskatoon deserves more than a cheesy comparison to a place that it has nothing in common with aside from a river that cuts through it and a lot of bridges. It's too special for that."

- Domenico Sansalone (via Huffington Post Canada)

eBulletin - November 2012

Travel to Saskatoon: Best things to do in Riversdale


From scenic trails to farmers’ markets, Chatelaine outlines its fave spots to visit in this inner city Saskatoon neighbourhood.

Read Chatelaine's list here. Then, read the writer's blog about her day in Riversdale.

Source: Chatelaine and TravellinLady

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The Broadway Theatre full of surprises


Dana Durell has lived in Saskatoon for several years and the film fan found himself drawn to a job at the Broadway Theatre, which he considers his favourite place in Saskatoon.He’s worked at the theatre for several years and knows all of the old building’s secret tunnels and behind-the-scenes charms.

“I’ve always actually wanted to play hide and go seek here,” he said.

Q: Why is this your favourite place in Saskatoon?

A: Movie theatres are kind of my favourite places in cities. Whenever I go to a new city I always try to find a cool movie theatre. I’ve found some pretty cool ones. I’ve worked in movie theatres the entire time I’ve lived in Saskatoon.

Read more about the Broadway Theatre here.

Source: The Saskatoon StarPhoenix

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Western Development Museum Signs Partnership with Agriculture More Than Ever

The Western Development Museum is pleased to announce it is the first museum in Canada to sign a partnership agreement with Agriculture More Than Ever.

Agriculture More Than Ever, started by Farm Credit Canada (FCC), is a multi-year initiative to improve perceptions about agriculture in Canada. Its aim is to close the gap in perceptions between producers and the public.

The WDM joins with more than 70 other Agriculture More Than Ever partners to promote the contributions made by farmers, ranchers and the industry to the economy, environment and health of people around the world. Through Agriculture More Than Ever, producers, stakeholders, industry leaders, communicators, and others involved in agriculture provide information, dispel myths and tell success stories.

"The WDM is a natural partner in an initiative designed to improve public perceptions of agriculture and promote its benefits," stated Joan Champ, WDM Executive Director. "The Museum is a communicator and educator, with a long history of telling stories about agriculture in western Canada."

In 2009, for example, the Saskatoon WDM opened a 21,000-square-foot exhibit, Winning the Prairie Gamble: Farm Life in Saskatchewan, which follows a representative farm family through the generations from 1905 to present day. "Kids especially love the interactive, modern-day combine cab that they can sit in to learn about new crops like lentils and canary seed while playing a computerized 'Guess the Crop' game," Champ said.

“The Western Development Museum is an ideal partner to celebrate agriculture and share positive stories about living and working in the industry, which is what Agriculture More Than Ever is all about,” says FCC President and CEO Greg Stewart. “The way we portray agriculture has a direct and powerful effect on how the public views our industry.”

“We want Agriculture More Than Ever to be the catalyst to get people talking about the opportunities and promising future that the industry has to offer. In fact, the future of agriculture depends on it if we want to attract the people, skills and investment needed to meet the growing demand for food globally,” says Stewart.

Source: Tourism Saskatoon

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I Heart Saskatoon, and I Know You Will Too


After reading Sandra Martin's story Goin' Down The Road about Trans-Canada road trips in The Walrus I felt inspired to explore a part of Canada that I never thought I would see: I would drive, along with my best friend, from Vancouver to Saskatoon.

Perhaps this doesn't seem adventurous to most Canadians (the ones who probably own camping trailers and canoes) but for someone who has been living in London for the past nine years, it's a very strange thing to do. When I told my British friends, their reactions ranged from "Saskatche-where?" to "Why would you want to drive two days only to end up there?"

Initially, I was more excited by the road trip aspect of the adventure. I'm a huge fan of the road trip; I mean what's more satisfying than getting out of a car after an eight-hour driving stretch and realizing that you've finally arrived at your destination? It must be the same rush that pilots get when they land a plane.

The drive from Vancouver to Saskatoon can only be described as beautiful. You can stop and laugh at the murals of country singers like Dolly and Reba in Merritt, visit cowboy bars in Calgary and see the landscape transform from the awe-inspiring Rockies into the seemingly endless flat wheat fields as you enter eastern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Although the road trip was an experience in itself, it was really the time that I spent in Saskatoon that gave me a real sense that there is life outside of Vancouver in Canada. If you think that Saskatoon is just some hick town in the middle of the Prairies, then think again. I discovered a vibrant city that has retained its small town charm while producing new restaurants and shops that rival those of its bigger neighbours.

They call it the "Paris of the Prairies" but I think Saskatoon deserves more than a cheesy comparison to a place that it has nothing in common with aside from a river that cuts through it and a lot of bridges. It's too special for that.

I loved that the downtown core still has leafy side streets. I loved that most of the houses resemble the houses I used to draw when I was a child: wood with pointed roofs. I loved that the chilled, hippy vibe marries perfectly with the its farming culture. There was a lot I loved about Saskatoon. I was, in a word, enchanted.

I don't believe that people in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and certainly not those outside of Canada, even think about Saskatoon as a travel destination. Saskatoonians are far too modest to shout and make a big deal about their city. So I urge everyone who wants to explore Canada not to write it off. Take this list as a beginners guide for those of us who live in bigger cities and want to get the best out of Saskatoon.

Read Domenico's list here.

Source: The Huffington Post Canada

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Did you know...

Yann Martel, award-winning author of Life of Pi, came to Saskatoon in the fall of 2003 to be the writer-in-residence at the Saskatoon Public Library. He never left.

This month, Martel's breakthrough novel find its way to the big screen, eleven years after the book was first published. The film version of Life of Pi was directed by Ang Lee, who also directed Brokeback Mountain and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Life of Pi is in theatres November 21.

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