Massage Therapists Who Blog: 
Can Great Content Get You Clients?


If you're a practicing massage therapist, you probably have your hands full (no pun intended!). You have your website up, your business cards created, and you might even be on social media. Many practitioners ask the question "To blog or not to blog?". The answer might surprise you. If you can't commit the time to update a blog at least a couple times a month, it might be better to let the blogging train pass. When blogs go quite for long periods of time it can reflect poorly on your business. That being said, it should also be noted that for a blog to be successful, it's not necessary to write a post every day, or even every week. When content is well-written and unique, it can be an excellent way to build awareness of your practice and help optimize your search engine rankings.

Posts should be engaging and informative. If you can build enough quality content, readers will look forward to your posts even if they are infrequent. So, what makes a great massage blog? What will keep readers engaged and give them the urge to return to your site (and your practice)?...READ MORE

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