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Introduction by: Stacy Gomes, Ed.D., with special interview by: Christine Dionese, LAc, featuring the founder of Acupuncture Ambassadors


The increasing interest in grassroots global healthcare organizations has grown over the years. Pacific College students, faculty, and alumni continue to search out opportunities to serve others during their class term breaks. Opportunities abound among volunteer organizations, many of which are listed on the Center for Integrated Care (CIC).



Pacific College New York Faculty Member Maryanne Travaglione, LAc does work with one of the CIC organizations: Global Alternative Healthcare Project (GAHP). Her group of healthcare practitioners has provided aid on five continents and documented thousands of treatments. Travaglione said about her most recent trip to Bali, "For the seven volunteers who traveled to provide care, our lives were profoundly changed.  We worked hard, learned and laughed; but most importantly,  we had the incredible opportunity to see the
powerful healing potential of Chinese medicine in action."...READ MORE
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With over 25 years of experience and campuses in San Diego, New York, and Chicago, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) has a wide reach within the burgeoning industry of East Asian and integrative medicine. Pacific College works closely with leaders in holistic health, and many of its faculty members are renowned. The annual Pacific Symposium is one example of how PCOM coordinates with voices in the field. Pacific Symposium is produced by Pacific College annually and is one of the largest Oriental medicine conferences, where practitioners and speakers from around the globe share their wisdom and exchange thoughts.  


With such an extensive network of experts in the field, we thought it was high time we provided a comprehensive list of our faculty and alumni who have contributed to the OM literary canon. Check out our PCOM Book List! Find titles from members of our global family on all aspects of East Asian medicine and holistic health...READ MORE

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