Chinese New Year 2013
Year of the Snake

The Year of the Snake begins on February 10, 2013 and will last until January 30th, 2014. As we phase out of the fifth sign of the zodiac, the Dragon, and enter the Year of the Snake, there are some things you may like to know about what lies ahead. The Snake is the sixth year of the Chinese zodiac, which consists of twelve years (and twelve different animals) total. Contrary to Western stereotypes about snakes being a fearful animal, Chinese folklore looks upon snakes as lucky.


Ancient Chinese wisdom went so far as to believe that finding a snake in your home was a good omen, and meant your family would be well-fed and prosperous. In fact, during certain Chinese spring festivals, people like to paste the paper-cut 'Fu' character, which means happiness, and combine it with a snake twisting around a rabbit onto their doors. This popular pattern is a sign of abundance and..READ MORE

Fitness + Technology
Gearing Up for a New You

The New Year is now in full swing. It's that time when New Year's resolutions are beginning to taper off and be relegated to the back of your mind. Gyms were packed the first two weeks of January, but as we near the close the month there is a noticeable slimming of the crowd (no pun intended!). Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) values the connection between the body, mind, and spirit. TCM holds the belief that exercise and an active lifestyle is imperative to feel and operate at your best. So why do most of us lose focus on a goal we were so excited about a mere few weeks ago? What can we do to stay the course? And perhaps most importantly, should we? Maybe the goal itself was part of a larger thought pattern that needs some working out.


Now, before you begin excusing yourself from all the goals you set for 2013, don't mistake the value of goal making. Goals are empowering. They are also the kick-in-the-pants and form of self discipline that get many of us to where we want to be in life: from careers to relationships to health, goals are good. But they must be realistic...READ MORE

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"If you are irritated by every rub, how will your 
mirror be polished?" 
 ~ Rumi 

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