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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), human health has long been considered to be closely tied to nature. The natural world is thought of as a holistic entity in itself, and man's health is determined both by his inner balance as well as in relation to the surrounding environment. Since ancient times, Chinese medicine practitioners have studied and developed complicated parallels between nature and health. In fact, the Yin Yang and Five Element Theories in Chinese medicine are two examples of entire medical philosophies that are based on the holistic elements of nature as related to wellbeing.


As organic creatures, it stands to reason that humans are affected, directly and indirectly, by the natural environment. Humans can be affected by a variety of natural changes including those related to the weather, climate, or duration of daylight. For example, in TCM, a change of season causes the rate, rhythm, volume, and tension of a person's pulse to vary. In Chinese medicine, there are specific corresponding changes that a person can make with each new season in order to improve health...READ MORE

Holistic Minded Gifts
Ideas for the Mind, Body, and Spirit
Going green is on the rise. People are increasingly becoming more environmentally conscious, healthier eaters, and more inclined toward the natural. You don't need to be an Oriental medicine practitioner or massage therapist to take this lifestyle to heart. These gift ideas are inspired by the elements of Chinese medicine that we love: connecting the mind, body, and spirit for a natural sense of harmony. Give these gifts to anyone in your life that has an affinity for holistic health and joy...READ MORE 
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