October is Breast Health Awareness Month
Are You Aware of What You Can Do
for Your Health?

"The breast health (& heart) health comes from living a life in which giving and receiving are equally balanced and in which you eat well & move your body joyfully, vigorously and regularly."
~Christiane Northrup


October is Breast Health Awareness Month. A recent BMC Cancer study conducted in Toronto reported that 47% of women with breast cancer seek complementary care in addition to their Western medical treatments. Traditional Chinese medicine offers an array of options that can assist women with everything from chemotherapy side effects to insomnia and anxiety. In addition to the many benefits alternative medicine can have for a woman with breast cancer, there are also a number of natural preventative steps that Chinese medicine health providers can recommend for young women.


The breasts are closely located to the body's major lymphatic system, which is in part why breast cancer can be so dangerous. If it reaches the lymphatic system, it can spread throughout the body. To help prevent...READ MORE 
Are You in the Know? Recent Healthcare Documentaries to Check Out

It's election season and healthcare weighs heavy on voter's minds. But regardless of which party you vote for, you can't deny that our current healthcare system is undergoing change. The following documentaries have interviewed hundreds of doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, and patients alike to get an understanding of what the future may bring.


As a medical institution, we think that the current dialogue about healthcare, regardless of the surrounding politics, is an important one to be aware of. Are you in the know about the future of our healthcare and how it may affect you as a practitioner or as a patient? Check out these fall documentaries...READ MORE 

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