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Letter of the Week:  December 31, 2012

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As we end another year, always remember that the freedoms we often take for granted are courtesy of that 1% of our population willing to serve our great country.  Thanks to all of those currently serving and to all of the veterans that have served in the past!
Happy New Year from OSOT America.

The cards/letters are a great way to brighten up the areas where we spend our time.



The stockings were a big hit.  And a great reminder that there are still Americans who care about us serving over here.  We are very thankful for everything that OSOT America has sent to our guys here at TF Shadow.  



Do you wonder about the weather here?  It snows.  It gets colder.  And everything freezes over.  Yup, can't escape winter.

Not much going on here.  Winter is generally the slow season in Afghanistan.  Would you want to get out of bed with only a fire to warm you?  No?  Well neither do the Afghanis.  Getting close to halfway done which is always nice.

Today is New Year's Eve day although we won't do much to celebrate.  Have a drink for us!

Thanks again,


I received a nicely stuffed stocking just in time for Christmas from your organization. I wanted to send a thank you note for all you do.


It's nice to know that people still care, and really appreciate our serving in the military. It's not every day that a gift is literally dropped in your lap from people that don't even know your name. I know there were several people here that got stockings that don't really get much mail from home. It made our day, especially as we can't spend the holidays with friends and family. Thanks again and God bless you all.