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Letter of the Week:  December 10, 2012


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Our many thank you letters reflect how appreciated our packages are by our troops.  Not only do they appreciate the boxes, they are able to share with the local citizens and create goodwill for the troops.


Thanks for the package for my sweet hubby. Here is a photo of him enjoying his gift. 


Thank you for blessing my hubby,

(When Sarah submitted her husband's name, she told us that he didn't want anything for himself, only wanted items to share with children in an orphanage--so we packed up a special box for that purpose-here's his response to that package.

I recently received a box with receiving blankets, soaps, and wipes.


Thursday I will make a delivery to the orphanages.


Thank you for blessing these kids.


I've received a box of goodies with Christmas stockings, candy, and magazines, DVD's and other comfort items for soldiers. I gave the items to the chaplain for distribution.


Thank you for blessing my soldiers.


Grace and peace, 



What a pleasant surprise to receive several stockings in the mail.  I passed them out to the females in my unit.  They were very excited to get some holiday cheer.  Especially since we are on night shift.  Night shift personnel don't get all the goodies like those on days.   My unit is about halfway through deployment and we depend on support & love sent from home.   Thank you to all the donors and volunteers that put together all these great care packages.  We appreciate your organizations mission and continuous support towards American soldiers. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours,
The Soldiers of TF Odin A4
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