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Letter of the Week:  November 26, 2012
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Our elves were really busy this year, some sewing stockings, some collecting items, some sorting and moving those donations to the stocking workshop,  some filling the stockings, some packing the boxes---now the hard work has paid off.   Our troops are receiving the boxes and not only does it affect them, it also affects their families at home too.  Knowing that Americans do care inspires these brave men and women to carry on with their missions.

I am a soldier currently serving in Afghanistan. I recently received a package with a nice big stocking in it, jam packed with everything I could think of. In one word, it was completely awesome! I am very grateful for this. I need to let you in on a little plan that I have thanks to this newly received stocking. My son Jared who is 6, has taken me being deployed much harder than my other 3 children have.  Granted two of them are only 1, but still. Anyways, this little boy's happiness is a very large goal of mine. And when I tell him about organizations and people like you who send us things, it helps him to feel better to know that I am not so sad. This time however, I am only going to tell him that I received a stocking. I am going to hang it up, and when Christmas morning rolls around I am going to fill it with everything that was sent in it originally. When he sees what "Santa" brought me, he is going to be elated.


I wouldn't be able to have done this without you guys. These moments that I will create with my children would only have been possible thanks to you. I am grateful for the support you have shown all of us out here and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Waiting for Santa



SPC James


It's good evening were I am currently located, but good morning were you are currently located.  I am writing on behalf of my Shop that is currently stationed in Afghanistan. Times here get really hard but once you get that random letter on one dark day it brightens a person up for weeks. The most amazing thing about these letters is that everyone gets something out of it. From the little pieces of candy that you receive to the hand sewed stocking.  Nothing goes to waste. So on behalf of my Shop,  I would just like to say THANK YOU.


LCPL Christopher



One of my Marines received a package from your organization. I wanted to thank you all for everything. Your package made a tough U.S. Marine smile!



GySgt Trevor