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Letter of the Week:  November 19, 2012

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Saturday marked the completion of packing our boxes for 2012.   We sent 4,814 boxes this year to our troops deployed in harms way.   We also shipped baby baskets to eight military families (we also supported these dads while they were deployed).


Since we began in 2003, we have shipped over 1,095,575 pounds of goods to our troops deployed in harms way.


As you sit down to eat your Thanksgiving meal this week, please remember all of the families that will have an empty place at their table because their loved one chose to serve our nation.


Our troops sincerely appreciate our efforts to show them that America has NOT forgotten them.   Thanks to all of your for doing your part to help.  We hope that you will help us continue our mission in 2013.   Enjoy the holidays.

I am taking the opportunity to Thank You for the care package that was sent from your organization, and ended up in my care. I want you to know that it is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED, by all troops who see the extent of care that our fellow Americans put into these packages. I could not tell you what it means to know that people back home care enough to do what you all do.


I am glad to pass along all of the welcomed things that are sent to our troops, even though we are not presently in too bad of a situation with the mission that we have. My experience from 2003 during the initial ground action was such that receiving things from home was pretty important for morale, and in some ways it's even more important now that the war has drawn out and lost the sense of purpose to many people. It's nice to know that our people have not forgotten that there are thousands of families missing someone who is serving.


So, again I want you to know that it is appreciated very much!!!

God Bless You All,


MAJ CRAIG (Serving with the Illinois National Guard)
National Guard 

Hello there,

My name is Cpl. Nick, the United States Marine Corps, and I just really wanted to say thank you for the holiday stockings and goodies you sent me and my roommate. We had just gotten back in from a patrol and a fire fight and being handed one of those really brightened my day. As much as you thank us, we must also thank you all, just as we dedicate our time and resources for America, People like all of you dedicate the same, even if its not in the exact same way as we do. We all thank you for your time and dedication, young and old. I have a special thank you to give to Melvin, the Glen Crest students and Lyon for the cards that came with the stocking :) happy holidays and thanks again.