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Letter of the Week:  October 29, 2012

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It's amazing to us that some people believe that all of our troops have came home.   That is not true, there are still many men and women serving our country and deployed in harm's way.   Our mission is to support those service members, they are so grateful for that support.

I have received two packages filled with all sorts of great stuff in wonderful condition.  It certainly helps morale and is very much appreciated.  Times here in the middle east keep getting tougher and the time never seems to end.  It's great at the end of a long mission to be reminded of home and that people care and support us!   From the snacks to the DVDs to the socks :)

It's great people like you that keep me fighting strong.

Thank you for everything!

Your friend and soldier,
SPC Brandon
I'm from Columbus, Ohio currently serving in Afghanistan with the Ohio National Guard.  I'm a master sergeant, been in for 18+ years.
This has been my third combat tour and I just wanted to say Thank YOU so much for your support and all the gifts, time, and effort your staff operations have provided.   10 years later American's support still amazes me.
Yes, your boxes are coming here in good condition.  I have yet needed to look for toothpaste, a toothbrush, snacks (Oh my gosh the snacks), feminine hygiene, a nail file, SPF lotions, etc.   All the little things become huge  especially when you don't have it.   So thank you again for everything.
Let me tell you about my camp.   I'm at Camp Mike Spann, the northern region of Afghanistan.   The chapel-the chaplain actually has a room on the back side of our post office called "Abraham's Attic"   Anyone wishing to donate anything extra they may have to the attic is welcomed.   So if for instance we need something, we just go "shopping" to the attic which is ran by volunteers 1 1/2 hours at lunch and 1 1/2 hours at dinner time.   So a lot of yours and America's support has not only benefitted one soldier, but many!  And not just US.  We share with the Germans, Swedish, Canadians, Croatians, and Hungarian Army as well!
We have two chow halls on post.  Both are not like homemade cooking, but being that I didn't have to help cook or do the dishes afterwards, they are great!
We don't have any coffee shops or pizza joints or even a Burger King around here, but it's perfectlly ok.   We're saving money without those things, right :)
There is a small run route around the inside of our perimeter.  We have done a March of Dimes run, a 1/2 marathon Capital City Columbus Ohio, and a Susan G Komen race for the cure in the next few weeks.
For the most part, we stay busy with work and it's a quiet camp in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif.  We are experiencing very nice warm weather with a few drops of rain that floods this place :)  Good old sandbagging times.
Everyone seems pleasant and it's only a few hundred people, so it's a small community. 
Well, thank you for your time. And again, thank you all for your support!!!
PS. We look forward to coming home between July and September!!! Right around the corner  :)
Just to let our members know, OSOT America has already been  supporting Abraham's Attic.