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Letter of the Week:  October 15, 2012

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Our elves have been busy filling the stockings that we will begin shipping to our troops on Oct 27th.  Our inventory of items to put inside the stockings is barely keeping up with our need.  If you can quickly throw together a collection of items for the stockings, such as fruit snacks or rollups, Twizzlers, individual packets of M&Ms, Rice Krispie treats, cookies, AA or AAA batteries, starlight mints, playing cards, etc - our troops will appreciate your efforts.  We need these items by Oct 25th to finish filling this year's stockings.
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care package.  Getting any kind of mail in on pick up day is the best feeling for us out here.   But on top of that to get one you didn't expect from a complete stranger really makes it so much better and you feel extremely supported which is something you need here.   Then when I opened it up, I was so overwhelmed by how full it was.   Everything inside was perfect, from key things we need to things that we just would love to have.  And the letters from everyone made my day.  

I am proud to be fighting for our country, but this definitely shows us just who we are fighting for especially on those rough days when we're just ready to collapse.  Thank you again (I really can't thank you enough!)

 PFC Jenna 

I really appreciate your attention and your support. Here in Afghanistan every time we receive your packages, we feel like our duty means something for the world. Those children that take the time to send in the post cards, drawings and decals- they  are making us very happy. We will going to keep fighting for you guys !!! Thanks and take care. God bless you all !!!