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April 2015 

March 31, 2015
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Our Mission
The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.
Diversity Policy
The League of Women Voters of Santa Monica in both its values and practices, affirms its belief and commitment to diversity and pluralism, which means there shall be no barriers to participation in any activity of the LWV on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.
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It's spring with Easter and Passover in the same week.  Some days it feels like we skipped spring and went directly to summer, but it is really spring and tomorrow is the first day of April, so beware.

With the unusual heat, the drought and all, water is much on our minds.  On April 25, 2:00-4:00P.M. we will be hosting a program on water policy from state, regional and local levels.  Keep watching for more details in the next couple of weeks.

As our final statement on this last day of Women's History Month we remember that ninety-six years ago this past week, Carrie Chapman Catt speaking at the National American Woman Suffrage Association 50th anniversary Convention proposed the formation of a "league of women voters" to "finish the fight" for women's quality and to promote civic engagement and interest in political issues over partisan politics.

The fight is not yet over.

Since I've had the privilege of serving as the LWVSM's president, I've often had occasion to ask myself "What does the League mean to me? Why do I care so much about it?"   And the answer usually is, I get to be a part of one of the oldest, perhaps the oldest feminist organization in America, born of the struggle of the suffragists who gave women the right to vote.


So last Thursday night's Women Who Shape Santa Monica event was a real high point for me and for our League.


We got to hold up four outstanding women - Rochelle Fanali, Julia Miele, Julie Rusk and Sandy Jacobson - who've shown us all what talented, hard-working women are capable of, and in the process, we held up all the women in our community who make Santa Monica the special place it is.


Of course, like all accomplishments, this was a group effort. I'd like to thank Executive Director Ed Silva and Director of Sales and Marketing Kortney Hannan and all the staff of Ocean House for their hospitality. The penthouse view was not only lovely, but added symbolic value to the proceedings as we overlooked our city.


Special thanks to Melissa Sweeney who designed our publicity material with her eye to elegant design, and thanks to our sommeliers Greg Leavitt and Heather Syms who added their touch of class to the event.


Thanks to our boardmembers who worked so hard to make this such a special occasion - Joanne Leavitt, Barbara Inatsugu, Frank Gruber, Natalya Zernitskaya, Karen Carrey, Sharon Hart, Thea Brodkin and Judy Abdo.


And of course, thanks to our guests - women and men who shape Santa Monica with their hard work and dedication to the common good. And to the youngsters who will become the next generation to shape Santa Monica.


Ann Williams




Money in Politics Forum Up and Running

The Money in Politics Forum is now active for League members who are interested in discussing the Money in Politics review and update. Barbara Zia, MIP Committee Chair will moderate the forum. To sign up, go to the Member Resources Site (forum.lwv.org), sign in and join the Money in Politics Forum (listed under Forums in the black navigation bar). If you have already signed up for the Money in Elections Forum, that has now been combined with Money in Politics, so there is no need to register.


April 25, 2-4:00p.m.  
This will be a look at Water issues from the state level legislative and governmental viewpoint down to regional and local issues and decisions.  In the Multi-purpose room on the second floor of the main library, 601 Santa Monica, parking off 7th St.

April 27, 6:30p.m.
LWVSM Board Meeting.  All members are always welcome, call or email for location

May 15-17
LWVC Convention in San Diego

June 1, 6:30p.m.
LWVSM Board Meeting.  See above.

June 20
LWVSM Annual Meeting.  Save the date, more information to come.

Santa Monica Public Library is envisioning the future of the organization through the process of strategic planning.  A major focus of this effort is to solicit input and engage a wide range of stakeholders within the Santa Monica community in order to ensure that the Library's newly formed plan will meet the needs of the community it serves.  Click here for times and locations.

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