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Our Mission
The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.
Diversity Policy
The League of Women Voters of Santa Monica in both its values and practices, affirms its belief and commitment to diversity and pluralism, which means there shall be no barriers to participation in any activity of the LWV on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

August 26, 2014 


Summer is almost over, school has already started and we are going into the silly--ooops--the election season.

Leagues at the state, county and local levels are busy preparing educational and background materials on the many propositions on the ballot, scheduling candidate forums and lining up speaking engagements to explain the Pros and Cons of these many measures to our members, friends and neighbors.  Printed materials are still being finalized as some measures were adopted at the last minute.

Next week, when we are back to a weekly publication schedule we will start sharing on line materials and attempt to keep you posted on Candidate Forums, CityTV programing and other related event.  Current reminders will also be on our Facebook page and on our website.

As a part of our outreach, we are asking our members and friends to provide questions for both the forums and CityTV interviews.  Send questions for city council, board of trustees and school board candidates to league@lwvsantamonica.org.  All questions should be directed to any or all candidates.  The rent control race is uncontested, so there will be no forum, therefore, no need for questions.

The September membership luncheon is the fall kickoff for our League after a rather inactive summer (Don't say that to a board member!).  On September 13 at 11:30a.m. we will be meeting in The Annex (community room) of the new Pico Library in Virginia Avenue Park.  Our guest speaker will be Maria Carpenter, the new City Librarian.  Her topic will be "Meeting Community Needs: Libraries today and Envisioning SMPL's Future."

Lunch is pot luck, salads, cold plates and desserts.  There is no charge.  This is an excellent opportunity to introduce a friend to the League, check out the new library and facilities, meet our new librarian and visit the Farmer's Market before the meeting starts.
Women's Equality Day
During the past week we have been celebrating that day 94 years ago when women were finally granted the right to vote. This is a right many of us, both men and women, fail to take seriously. In her weekly newsletter LWVUS President Elizabeth McNamara quoted the first League president, Maude Wood Park:

"By far the most serious of our opponents is the colossal inertia of large numbers of persons. If this nation ever faces final disaster, it will be because what 'is everybody's business is nobody's business except the self-seekers.' We need to rewrite that old adage...In this respect ours is a stupendous undertaking, for inertia is a thoroughly uninteresting opponent. Thrills do not come easily in a struggle against sheer dead weight, but that weight must be moved if we are to succeed...If we have the courage to try, we do not need genius or even extraordinary qualities in order to succeed. All that we shall require is steadfast faith in democracy, common sense and persistence...if we have all three - and keep them together - we are invincible."


You can read the full blog here.

And don't forget to register to vote--or re-register if you have moved, changed your name, or want to change party registration.  It's easy, on line, at http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_vr.htm


September is also Chile Roast Season at the Farmer's Markets.  Roasters will be at all markets through out September.  Another thing to look forward to on September 13.  Even if you don't buy roasted chilies, the fragrance is just wonderful!

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