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November 2013  
November VOTER
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Our Mission
The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.
Diversity Policy
The League of Women Voters of Santa Monica in both its values and practices, affirms its belief and commitment to diversity and pluralism, which means there shall be no barriers to participation in any activity of the LWV on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

November 2013

 Last Saturday morning's very successful collaboration with Westside Family Health Center (see below) was our last official
public event this year, but we are very busy planning for the first quarter of the new year and will keep you informed over the next month or so. 

January brings Martin Luther King Jr. Day and our participation in the involvement fair along with an exciting new program about "What Can All Nonprofits Do for the Common Good."  More soon on  this.  We will also be starting meetings around the LWVUS Agriculture Study building up to a Consensus Meeting in March. February brings the actual Anniversary of the founding of the League which we will be celebrating all year.  March is our ever-popular Women Who Shape Santa Monica reception with a wonderful list of honorees this year.  We have other things under discussion that are not quite ready to hit print.  Also, we will be preparing for the June primary elections and there will be ballot initiatives. 


 Thanksgiving's coming up, and we have a lot to be thankful for.  It's been said that "hope" is an active verb, I'd like to extend that concept to "giving thanks." 


We can give thanks for our right to votehttp://www.lwv.org/blog/election-day-thank-you-making-democracy-work
while we support legislation that protects voting rights, educate our citizens and volunteer to work at the polls. 


We can give thanks for our beautiful beaches, lovely weather and clean water, while making sure everyone gets the same access to natural gifts by supporting advocacy by the national League of Women Voters for environmental policy and legislation.  


No thanksgiving is complete without words of gratitude for the delicious feast many of us will enjoy, but we shouldn't forget that this bounty depends on a system that will be the object of anational study of agricultural policies
http://www.lwv.org/content/about-agriculture-update-and-committee this year, a study in which you can participate.


 You get the idea - whenever you give thanks this holiday season, take a moment to think of ways that you can act to create the very things you're grateful for. I'm sure you can come up with plenty - then let us know your ideashttp://www.lwvsantamonica.org/contact.html

so we can get to work together! 


Happy holidays,


Ann K. Williams



First, a quick shout-out to the folks at the Westside Family Health Center. http://www.wfhcenter.org/  Saturday morning November 9 at Virginia Avenue Park,  http://www.smgov.net/Departments/CCS/content.aspx?id=32857 Director of Community Outreach and Education Julie Kirk and Affordable Care Act Outreach Specialist Ben Tolksdorf did an outstanding job explaining how the provisions of the ACA apply to individual cases.  Community Outreach and Education Coordinator Evelyn Torres did a great job translating the presentation into Spanish, so every member of the audience heard the same information. Special thanks to Virginia Avenue Park for letting us use their state-of-the-art simultaneous translation equipment.


I was so pleased to see people representing a true cross-section of our town get all their questions answered so they can get the health coverage they need.  Way to go Westside Family Health Center!


If you couldn't make the presentation, be sure to check out


to learn more about the ACA.



As the new League year is beginning some members have ask how they can become more active, quickly following with "But I don't have much time."  That is most of us.  A few thoughts.

The materials for the agriculture policy study will be released in the next few weeks.  Our report back to the national office is due in early April, so committee membership will be short term.  If you are concerned about GMOs, factory farming, or the subsidies included in the Farm Policy, this is a place for you.  Call or email the League for more information. 

That too much of a commitment?  Join a board member in staffing the table for the Martin Luther King Jr. Involvement Fair on January 20th. Volunteer to help organize/host one of our upcoming events. Plan on joining our speakers bureau and take one or two opportunities to explain the June Ballot measures to groups in the community (training is available) or spend a morning registering new voters.  Offer to host a meeting or event in your home.  Or call or email us and tell us what your interests are, where you would like to help.  There is a place for you. 


League Opposes Attack on Measures to Reduce Carbon Pollution

The League joined with environmental organizations to ask the U.S. House to reject an effort that would block any chance of limiting carbon pollution from power plants. The effort is led by Representative Whitfield and Senator Manchin and would prevent the nation's biggest polluting industry from reducing pollution that drives climate change. The League is a strong supporter of the EPA's practical plan to cut carbon pollution and opposes this irresponsible pollution agenda.


If you are a member of LWVSM, this is the time of the year we renew our memberships.  Many have and we thank you for your promptness!  If you have not aand can't remember where the form is, you can just click on the join button to the left and either print out the form or pay with Paypal. If you can't remember, email treas@lwvsantamonica.org to check. If you are not a member, this is the ideal time to join, the beginning of a new League year, the start of our 80th Birthday celebrations. Go to the same page, same instructions.  



The City of Santa Monica and its partners are working together to prepare a Local All-Hazard Mitigation Plan. The purpose of this plan is to identify and assess our community's disaster risks and determine how to best minimize or mitigate those risks. This questionnaire provides an opportunity for you to share your opinions and participate in the mitigation planning process.   The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete and is anonymous.
Please visit  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6Q65TH6to take the survey.  Thank you for your participation.

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