August 2013

Get on Board: Street Fair Style!
Fall Get on Board Day to take place on 8/29

Get on Board: Street Fair Style is almost here! It will take place THURSDAY, August 29 from 5pm-9pm behind the Ferg on 7th street. All students, from freshmen to seniors, are encouraged to stop by! It's never to late to get involved, meet new people, and enjoy some free food and prizes! There will be performances by Riptide Dancers, spoken word performers, live music and a DJ, and SGA President Jimmy Taylor will speak on our stage! You don't want to miss it!

SOURCE Team Applications 
 Applications for SOURCE teams available

Are you looking to get involved? Do you like working with all sorts of people? Are you self-motivated and full of great ideas? Then being a part of a SOURCE team might be for you! The SOURCE Board of Governors is made up of a Board of Governors that represent five areas: Communications, Organizational Outreach, Creative Consults, Partnership Development & Finance, and Organizational Leadership. For the application, and more information on each area, visit Applications are due September 4th.

SOURCE Board of Governors Contact Information
Attention students and student organizations:


A new school year means a new Board of Governors for the SOURCE! We are excited to serve all students and student organizations at the University of Alabama this year! For your convenience, listed below are all of the Directors on the Board of Governors, a brief job description, and their contact information. If you have a question about one or more of these areas, let us know and we'd love to speak with you!


Director of Organizational Outreach: (Get on Board Day, Service and Leadership Awards, The SOURCE Awards, Advisor training, Bama Buddies, and other outreach) Kalyn Lee -


Director of Organizational Leadership: (oversees organization leader training, new officer training, SOURCE Course resources, and the SOURCE Force) Patrick Crowley -


Assistant Director of Organizational Leadership: (oversees LASSO program, coordinates officer transition program, assist Director of Organizational Leadership in all endeavors) Lauren Piper -


Director of Partnership Development and Finance: (provides resources for organization in need of funding through FAC, fundraisers, and other ideas, builds SOURCE partnership with outside groups) John Brinkerhoff -


Director of Communications: (overall marketing and branding for the SOURCE events and iniatives, SOURCE newsletter, official representative of the SOURCE with media outlets, coordinate marketing efforts through tabling, campaigns, etc.) Emily Dowdell - or


Assistant Director of Communications: (oversees management of SOURCE Twitter and Facebook accounts, uses visual media to disseminate information about the SOURCE, assists Director of Communications) Ronte Pritchett -


Director of Creative Consults: (manages a full scale PR firm dedicated to providing visually appealing products to student organizations, like brochures, flyers, banners, etc.) Alex Hollinghead -


Got news?
Attention Student Organizations:


Does your organization have an upcoming event? Do you need help promoting that event? The SOURCE can help! We can publicize your event or information on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, write a post about it on our blog, or include a blurb in next month's newsletter. Send your submissions and any relevant images to and we'd love to help!


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