This is new and you won't see it anywhere else...

Golf is the most frustrating game, ever!
There's a concept in psychology known as "random reinforcement." Basically what it means is that the little lab animal has no idea when it's getting the food. No idea at all because getting the food has absolutely nothing to do with any consistent behavior on the animal's part.
The reward is totally random - and it is the most powerful type of reinforcement.
Golf is like that. You can hit a beautiful shot and have no idea what you did right or how to duplicate it. But, it gets you psyched to continue playing, and that my friends, is random reinforcement at its most insidious.
Golf is also addictive because it has such cool and expensive equipment. If you have even the most casual relationship with golf you know exactly what I mean. And, there's always some new item or article of clothing to acquire.
And we have the newest hot golf product available; it's brand new to the market, tremendously useful and it's not that expensive. You will not see this anywhere else. The golf towel with a patented brush for cleaning your clubs.
The brush is permanently bonded to the towel and is positioned so that your logo is always visible. If you've ordered golf towels before you know that your logo can get lost in the folds of the towel but not with this one.
Club makers suggest using only plastic brushes to clean club heads. These brushes are made with no metal and are the perfect cleaning tool. They are very durable. When it gets dirty just throw it in the washer and dryer.
The brush comes in 6 colors and if you order 300+ towels you can mix both the base and bristle colors.
Golf season will be here before you know it and in some parts of the country it never ends. This new-fangled golf towel will be sure to please.
And, no one else will have it.



Your logo will be embroidered just above the brush.

These are the brush colors. If you buy 300+ towels you can mix the base and bristle colors.

Examples of mix-and-match brushes. Available on orders of 300+ towels

Here's how to reach me to learn more about this brand new golf towel...
781 933 4660
Next Level Promotions LLC
500 West Cummings Park | Suite 2800
Woburn, Massachusetts 01801

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