Where the %!*##!* did I put my keys???

This probably never happens to you so you can skip this and go back to what you were doing.
However, for the rest of us who bumble and stumble through our days; who misplace things;
who end up ransacking our pocket books, jacket pockets, drawers and closet floors; those of us who get half way to the car, start patting our jacket pockets looking for those darn keys; those of us who are already late and are frantically upending everything on the counter or desk top looking for that elusive set of keys - Aha!
Here is your salvation!
But before we get to your salvation - do you remember these? This is the barking dog key finder. Clap your hands and this little plastic dog starts to bark. These were the coolest things about 10 years ago.

The barking gog key finder
The barking gog key finder

Fast forward...the barking dog clapping key finder meets Bluetooth and the mobile phone app.
Here's how it works:
Attach the Bluetooth enabled tag to your key chain...download the app.
When you've lost your keys simply open the app and press 'find.' Scout will start ringing. Follow the sound and the geographical features on the app to get your keys back.
"Aha!" you say..."I haven't lost my keys, I've lost my phone! What now, Scout?" 
You can call your phone by pressing a button on Scout.
Scout is battery operated with no standby feature which would use up a lot of battery. You can use Scout anytime, anywhere without having to worry about turning it off.
This is a great event gift. It's a natural for a brand launch, a milestone celebration, an employee recognition event.
You are not going to see "Scout" everywhere.  Your brand will be very visible with this well-designed and very useful piece of technology.



This is Scout. You attach it to your key ring.

Activate the app and Scout will ring.

Here's how to reach me to learn more about Scout...
781 933 4660
Next Level Promotions LLC
500 West Cummings Park | Suite 2800
Woburn, Massachusetts 01801

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