Building good customer relations - here's how & it's fun...

Well, here it is - again - The New Year. The time of new beginnings and the inevitable, perennial, and almost guaranteed to fail New Year's Resolutions! (So, that begs the question - why even bother?)
Far and away the most frequently evoked category of resolutions is "self improvement."  As in, "This year I'm going to (insert lofty self improvement goal here)....
Right behind is the work related resolution, "I'm going to get organized."
But this resolution is one you can actually do something about and build good customer relations at the same time.
This is a foam cube to help organize some of your desk top clutter. Your customers or staff will assemble it and then use the calendar to help plan their day and week.
The cube/puzzle has holes and slots to form a desktop organizer. It measures 3" on each side and arrives flat at 10.75" x 7.25" 
Your customers assemble it and they see your logo and the calendar - then organize their pens, rulers and scissors in it. Your logo is there every day!
If you're in mortgage lending, banking, insurance or home construction take a look at this house shaped foam organizer. Flat it measures 9.5" x 8.5" so it can easily be mailed. It assembles at 3.5" x 3.5". Your message is there every day.
People will have fun putting these together and they'll have your message and logo right on their desk - very nice real estate for you to occupy.
Give us a call now that it's the beginning of the new year and you can help your customers or staff actually accomplishes one of their New Year's Resolutions



This is the 3" Foam Cube Calendar and Desk Organizer.
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Ideal for mortgage companies, banks,insurance or home construction.
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