Tech gadget clutter - here's the solution

You've handed out USB car chargers, wall chargers, power banks, flash drives and maybe ear buds as well. You have all these items yourself.
And where do they live?
At the bottom of your purse along with some loose change and the stray paperclip?
They're somewhere in your back pack; but which compartment?
They're in the pocket of the jacket you're not wearing today.
Sound familiar?
Here's a clever item that all of us who are wired and connected can use - a place to organize and store all that stuff.
These two styles of zippered hard cases come with elasticized netted pockets to keep your tech gadgets under control and in one place.
They both have a sizable area to display your logo. They are affordable enough to be used as a tradeshow item.
With all the tech accessories we drag around to keep ourselves powered up and connected this will be an appreciated and retained item.
And, after all, isn't that what you want from your promo item? The Value of Visibility.
(The devices shown are not included. This is for the case only)



Traveler EVA Charger Case. This hard case is 3.25" and has one elasticized netted pocket. Click image for more details and to order.

Traveler EVA Charger Case. This hard case is 6" x 3.5" x 1.5". It has two elasticized netted pockets inside. You can see how much it will hold. Click on image for more details and to order.

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