This is so cool - just what cell phone photo takers need!

It's a travel gift that's high quality, small, easily carried, prominently displays your logo and will be appreciated and retained...



  • Are you stumped on a travel gift?
  • Are you looking for a quality gift to add to a room drop? (Weddings, sales incentive trips, cruises, etc.)
  • Do you need a "wow" sales call leave-behind for your resort, casino, beachfront inn?
  • Are you a high end destination looking for a gift for your valued clients?

Here's what this little gizmo does. It enables your cell phone camera to take wide angle, macro (close up), and "fish eye" pictures. See the picture to the right, the one in the middle? That's how the clip holds the lens in front of your cell phone camera. Just like that you can take a wide angle picture, a close up picture or one of those goofy "fish eye" pictures. 


This 3-In-1 Lens Kit comes with a convenient carry case that prominently displays your logo.


The sturdy and well designed clip is user friendly and easily attaches to any smart phone and the wide angle, macro and fish eye lenses are easily interchangeable.


The nice bonus is that any time your guest is using this they are bound to be asked "That is cool...where did you get it?"  That's repeat advertising for you.


These lenses are manufactured from aircraft grade anodized aluminum barrels and thick high quality glass for the lenses. Each lens is laser engraved with its type: wide angle, macro, fish eye.


This gift will be retained and used repeatedly - giving your brand exposure to the people you want to reach.


Here's an added benefit - selfie sticks are being banned at more and more venues (museums, sporting events) and with the wide angle lens you'll never need a selfie stick!.


Call us now - this is a new item and you can get a head start on your competitors 







The 3-In-1 Lens Kit features a wide angle, macro and fish eye lens. Click image for more detail or to order.

The clip attaches easliy to any smart phone.
Everything fits neatly into this sturdy and easy to carry case. Look at all the room for your logo.

Here's how to reach us to learn more and to place your order...
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