Do you need a great team building activity?
(For not a lot of $) 

  • Are you bored to tears by "trust falls"?
  • Have you had it with "tell us one thing that nobody knows about you"?
  • Or, how about, "If you were an animal, what would you be and why"?
  • What about the one where you have to go around the room, find the person who has the same colored dot on their name badge as you and then find out what you have in common? Yecch!
  • Plus, it costs a fortune to have some team building guru come in and subject everyone to this stuff.

If you are looking for a solution, here's one that is guaranteed to work: ice cream.


Everybody loves ice cream and when you're all standing around eating ice cream and having a good time you are bound to start talking and developing connections. Voila! Team building.


Here's how you do it...


Start with this bowl. It's a very generous 20 oz., and available in a variety of colors. Put your logo on one side and personalize the other side.

Everyone gets a bowl with their name on it - now that's special.


Give everyone their own logoed box of toppings. This one has crushed Oreos, crushed graham crackers, rainbow sprinkles and chocolates sprinkles. There are other custom topping possibilities - ask us about them.


Want to go entirely overboard? You can private label these completely decadent dessert fudge (naturally), mocha fudge and sea salted caramel. These have been rigorously taste tested in our offices and we are all in agreement - these are delicious. 


You supply the ice cream and the people and before you know it you have a TEAM!


Call us and we'll put this all together for you.





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This 20 oz. ceramic bowl has your logo on one side and is personalized for each staff member. Plenty of room for ice cream and lots of toppings. Click image for more details and to order.
Put your company logo on this package of toppings. Click image for more details and to order.

Private label these desert sauces with your own logo and message. These are just a few of the sauces available. Call us for details on pricing.

Here's how to reach us for more information and to order...
781 933 46660

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