Sooner than you know it's later than you think -
one promo idea for this Fall



I know, I know - you think I'm nuts to be talking about ideas for the Fall. Summer has barely started (at least here in New England). And there haven't been that many really hot summery kind of days. 


But, with the Red Sox playing like they have so far, maybe fast forwarding to the Fall isn't such a bad idea.


As I mentioned in the headline...sooner than you know, it's later than you think. So being a little prepared for Fall promotional products isn't so farfetched.


Here's an affordable idea for keeping your name in front of your clients and prospects. 

Football schedule magnets will be in every cubicle, on every refrigerator, on every file cabinet. If there's a flat vertical metal surface someone's going to put up a magnet football schedule and it might as well be yours.

Here are two ideas - we have more.

Dial up an audible and give us a call. We can help you pick the right schedule for your marketing message and audience.  

You will score a touchdown with this promotional item! (Sorry, I couldn't resist - it was just too obvious)



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NFL Schedule Magnet. This schedule is available for all NFL teams. It has a nice custom imprint area right in the middle. It's 4" x 7" and a strurdy 30mil thick.
Click image for more details or to order.

Real estate? Mortgage lenders? Home equity lenders? Here's your magnet! All NFL schedules are available. Your name will be on their refrigerator all season long. Click image for details or to order.

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