3 ways picnics can get your brand noticed this Summer...

Summer is upon us with its full menu of outdoor activities. All of these activities are wonderful opportunities for corporate branding and getting your name noticed.

No activity says "Summer" quite like a picnic. Theoretically, picnics are perfectly delightful. Getting outdoors, usually in a pleasant setting, having the food and drink...ah! What an idyllic picture. 

If you've ever actually staged a picnic, you know first-hand how reality can rapidly depart from theory. 

Getting the food and drink prepared and lugging it to the picnic site. The picnic area is not quite the perfectly manicured greensward you had imagined. You're not crazy about spending the afternoon sitting on the ground.

As the saying goes, be prepared! Here are 3 solutions to your picnic and other outdoor activities problems.

You can brand these terrific products with your logo and give them to your grateful customers (and future customers).

The collapsible cooler makes a lot of sense. At the end of the day just fold it up. No large cumbersome cooler to lug back to the car. 

This sturdy folding chair features two cup holders and a carrying bag. Both the chair and the bag can be imprinted with your logo. 

This chair is very useful for picnics, sporting events and outdoor concerts...multiple venues for your brand to be noticed.

The 4-in-1 serves multiple roles -  it's a picnic blanket, a tote bag, seat cushion and a weather protector. 

Think of all the seasonal events and activities these products can be used for. Picnics, the kid's sports games, outdoor concerts...you get the idea.

Each of these items have a lot of real estate for your logo. Because they're so versatile your logo will be seen everywhere.

Give us a call and we will help you choose the right item for your message and your budget. It's summer and a great time of year to get your logo out there and noticed.



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Collapsible Party Cooler. When the party's over just fold this up and away you go. No behemoth cooler to drag along.
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Folding Chair with Carrying Bag.
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4-in-1 Blanket. It's a picnic blanket, tote bag, seat cushion and weather protector.
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