Here is an easy and low cost way to generate good will for your business...

Did you happen to notice all the bicycle riders out this past weekend?

They were all over the place!

They sprouted faster than the daffodils!

There were the Tour de France types all decked out in spandex. And everything in between including the kids on their colorful bikes with the handle bar streamers.

Spring is here.

May is National Bike month. Here are 3 suggestions for inexpensive ways for you to create some goodwill for your company.

These 2 coloring books and the slide-guide provide kids with a fun way to learn the lessons of bicycle safety. At the same time they're getting your name in front of the parents who buy your company's products and services.

Need an inexpensive way for parents to feel good about your company? There are 3 right here.

You can pair the coloring books with a box of crayons to complete your package.

Great for banks, insurance companies, schools, real estate offices.

May is only a couple of weeks away, call us now to place your order.



4-Pack of crayons. Click image for details and to order.

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Barkley Teaches Bike Safety coloring book. Click image for details and to order.

Practice Bike Safety coloring book. Click image for details and to order.

Bicycle Safety Pocket Slider.Click image for details and to order.
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