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Write in time for cold and flu season...

This is the time of year when I find myself opening doors with my elbow. Or pulling down my jacket or sweater sleeve to cover my hand and then opening the door.

I'm like a surgeon washing my hands in a public restroom. I use my elbows to operate the faucets. Thank goodness most paper towel dispensers are motion activated.

I sound like a real least I'm not as bad as Howard Hughes. I just don't like getting a cold and being out of action. 

Large gatherings are particularly tricky. It's a little socially awkward to introduce yourself, shake hands and then go for the hand sanitizer. This is especially so with conferences, educational or training sessions and sales meetings.

You can be a hero if you're planning or hosting one of these events. Combine this sanitizer-pen with a notebook or pad of paper and they'll be singin' your praises.  This would also be great for your sales team. They can write the order and germ proof their hands! Later, away from their customer.

Cold and flu season is upon us. It will last until April. Are you planning or hosting a conference or meeting in the next five months?

Call us and you'll get all sorts of accolades for being such a thoughtful host.



.13 oz. Hand sanitizer and Pen Combo. Click image for details.
"The Nash," Pen-Hand sanitizer. 
Click image for details.

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