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a great & chocolate! 

Halloween has come and gone but I'll bet the desire for chocolate has not.

What's your favorite candy?

When I was a kid my favorite was 
Love the chocolate wafer with the tiny, crunchy sugar balls. I'm also a big fan of black licorice.  

M&M's though are always at or near the top of my list.

The debate is, which is better...the traditional M&M's or M&M's with peanuts. 

You can take the purist view that traditional M&M's are the only "real" M&M's. Or, you can take a more inclusive view that both types are OK.

I resolve the dilemma by liking both!

What is really cool is that now you can put your logo on them. Here are 3 types of appealing packaging options for your logo'd M&M's

You can use these in many different business situations; as a sales call "leave behind," as a nice way to thank your team, at trade shows and conferences, as a "Thank You" for new business. You get the idea.

Since pretty much everyone loves chocolate and M&M's are such a traditional favorite you can't go wrong with this idea.

Call us now and we can have these to your staff and clients in time for the holidays. And stock up now for your next conference or trade show.



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1.5 oz. M&M's in a Silver Tin.
Cover can be imprinted for an extra charge.Click image for details.

M&M Business Card Holder with logo candy.
Click image for details.
1.5 oz. M&M's Bag w/ Bow and logo candy.
Click image for details.

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