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How to survive the Winter...learn from the bears...

It's pretty well known that bears spend the Summer and Fall loading up on food before Winter sets in. What you might not know is that bears are not true hibernators. They just go into a deep sleep. Their metabolism, heart rate and respiration are not substantially lower than when awake.

We're kind of like bears. (well at least I'm kind of like a bear.) We seem to be pulled toward foods that put on that extra layer for winter protection.

Instead of that summer salad I'm more inclined to go for a pasta dish. Instead of no dessert or sorbet I'll go for the triple chocolate lava fudge cake, (with whipped cream of course!)

One way to look at these treats is that they're not really an indulgence but rather a survival necessity! Without them how are we expected to survive until Spring?

Our favorite source for to-die-for gourmet gifts is Gifted Expressions. 

Having now spent two full afternoons taste testing their offerings I can attest to their deliciousness (if that's a word).

All of their gifts are fresh and elegantly packaged. They have the ability to include your logo'd item (like a travel mug) into some of their gift baskets.
And, of course, they offer imprinted ribbon.

So, don't be like this poor fellow sitting there waiting for your us and we'll get your winter survival gifts ordered and sent off to your clients and future clients.


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Chocolate Tuffels Red Canister.
Click image for details.

Jolly Sweet Snowman Tote.
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12 Days of Christmas Gift Box.
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Ultimate Swirl Gourmet Gift Tower.
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