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What and when is Indian Summer?

I'm writing this on September 15th. Monday, September 22nd is the last day of Summer and, obviously, it follows that September 23rd is the first day of Autumn. 

The mornings are starting to get a little cooler and by the end of the month we'll start to see some trees starting to turn.

By the beginning of October, it will definitely be cooler during the days and the nights will be crisp.

Inevitably, sometime in October or maybe in November, we'll get a stretch of really warm days. 

Just as inevitably lots of folks will declare these days as "Indian Summer."

So that you can sound like you know what you are talking about with your friends, here's how the The Old Farmer's Almanac defines "Indian Summer.":

"The warm days must follow a spell of cold weather or a good hard frost."

"The conditions described above must occur between St. Martin's Day, 
November 1 and November 20."

I have to admit that I didn't know that second condition. But, who am I to argue with the Old Farmer's Almanac?

So, now that we've settled the Indian Summer controversy, here are a few gifts you can send for Halloween...that's October 31st.



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8" Light up Safety Stix - Orange
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