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It's a Rocket Sled Ride...

It's a rocket sled ride from Labor Day to the Holidays. Be prepared!

I'm as guilty as anyone for not being aware of how fast the holidays come upon us. 

We always end up sending New Year cards because we rocket right past the holidays taking care of our clients' orders.

This from the same folks who make sure your orders are in on time to meet your in-hand date. 

Here's a video that shows just how fast the holidays come up:


This is Dr. John Paul Stapp's 1954 rocket sled run where he gets up to 614 mph.

You won't have the physical effects Dr. Stapp experienced but it's going to seem this fast.

Between 9/01/2014 and 12/09/2014 there are:
  • 99 days or 3 months and 8 days
  • 71 weekdays and 28 weekend days
  • 2376 hours
  • 142,560 minutes
  • 8,553,600 seconds
(Click on the link above to go to  a nifty app that allows you to calculate the days, minutes, and seconds between any 2 dates. Very cool and useful.)

So, "heads up," it's time to start planning for the holidays and your corporate gift giving, holiday cards and food gift baskets.


If you know of anyone else who needs to pay attention to the calendar use "Forward email" below.

Click on any of the calendars above and you'll be linked to a site that allows you to download printable calendars. It's a good way to get your holiday gift planning under control.

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