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Made in the shade...

I actually bought one of these at full retail price, long before I got into the promotional products business. It didn't even have a logo on it!

We've all seen the safety warnings that come on products. Like the warning not to put electrical appliances in water. I'm glad I read that one! I was thinking that I could speed up my morning routine by drying my hair while taking a shower. I also thought about putting the radio in the shower so I could switch stations more easily. Glad I read those warnings.

The warning attached to the sun screen reads: "WARNING do not attempt to operate vehicle with sun screen in place."

Really? If you need to be told that then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't be driving a car.

But, your clients are smarter than that and they'll love this item in the hot days of August. And the way the climate is changing well into the hot days of September and maybe even October.

There's lots of room for your message and it will be on display all day long.

Two things to remember:
1)  don't put your electrical appliances in    water and,
2) call me to get your logo on these sun screens.



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I first saw this in Phoenix. It is the best sun shade ! Attaches to the sides of the windshield and just pull the 2 sides together. 
Click image for details

Simple, efficient and does a nice job.
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This is a great item for side and rear windows. Keeps the sun off the kiddos.
Click image for details.
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