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Blinky, blinky in your drinky, drinky....

Summer is way too short. Can we all agree on that? Especially after the winter that would never end. It seems like summer's just barely gotten going and here it is near the end of July.

No comments please from my readers in Florida, California and the South West...thank you.

Summer's the time for outdoor events, evening parties and get togethers. 

I especially like deck parties where the railings are decorated with those strings of lights. 

We used to have strings of chili pepper lights on our deck. The squirrels kept trying to eat them thinking they were food. That might explain why there have been no great civilizations started by squirrels.

Besides having strings of lights decorating your venue you can add these light up ice cubes.
Ultra Glow Ice Cube
Ultra Glow Ice Cube
You can get them in all sorts of colors. You can get them blinking in a solid color or in changing colors (my favorite.)

There's one that is liquid activated! It glows with a solid color once the beverage is added!

You can put your logo on all of these, of course.

We've had a law firm use them at their annual conference and they were a huge hit.

Give me a call and I'll get you all setup to light up your summer night!



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Look at all the colors!
Click image for details.
This one changes through a rainbow of colors.Click for details
This ice cube glows in a solid color, but not until the beverage is added! How cool is that!
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