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My wife and I often drive to the office together. Over breakfast we decide if it's a one car or two car day.

Just before our office park there's a Dunkin' Donuts. (Referred to by my East Coast readers as Dunkin' or just DD as in "hey, wanna go to DD?").

My wife loves ice tea. So every morning we'd stop and she'd get a medium ice tea, NO LEMON! (she's kind of adamant about no lemon), and 2 Sweet n Low. 

Then came the eureka! moment..hey, I can make my own iced tea and not worry about the NO LEMON!.

One of the perks of owning a promotional products business is we have a showroom full of samples.

I found this terrific tumbler. My wife fills it with her ice tea every morning and off we go.
(I'm his wife and I love,love,love this tumbler. It has a substantial feel, has a good seal, doesn't cross thread when screwing on the lid and holds just enough ice tea for me)

Robert here again. This is a very sturdy doubled walled acrylic tumbler. It's BPA free. The lid screws on and has a seal that makes this virtually leak proof. The straw has a little stopper ridge so it won't fall out.

You can do a full color imprint or spot colors.

There's still plenty of summer left and your logo will look great on this tumbler.

Give me a call and pretty soon people will be raving about the great tumbler you gave them.


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16 oz. Sedici Peppermint Tumbler. Click image for details.

24 oz. Sedici Mega Acrylic Tumbler.Click image for details.

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