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Are you a flip-flopper? Answer these 3 questions and find out...

Is Summer your favorite season?
Do you prefer the beach over the mountains?
Is your preferred attire shorts and a T-shirt?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're a flip flopper!

I love the summer! If I could spend the rest of my life in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt I'd be a very happy man. Actually, my favorite weather is when it's warm enough for shorts but with just a bit of coolness so I can wear a long sleeve T. 

I'm a flip-flopper! I have a pair I got about 4 years ago and I'll be sad when they finally wear out.

There will be no flip-flopping of reactions when you hand these out. People love them, I've even seen folks wearing them out in the middle of winter! With socks!

There's lots of styles. My favorite for corporate branding is the one where your brand is die cut into the sole. Think of it as a "talking footprint."

Here's some of the other styles:

You won't have to go far to open your beverage.

Bamboo with vinyl straps

The straps glow in the dark!

Don't flip flop on making your choice! Call me now 'cause there's still plenty of summer left.



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The flip flop with the "talking footprint." Click image for details.

The straps on these sandals have plenty of room for your logo. 
Click image for details
Add to all the colors of summer with stripped flip flops. Click image for details.

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