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40 Billion Plastic Utensils a Year!

We often invite clients and future clients to have lunch at our showrooms. We usually order out from Fresh City, a restaurant serving the freshest of foods.

As a matter of course Fresh City includes a packet with a napkin and disposable utensils. You've seen these everywhere you go.

We don't use them since we have our own cutlery in the office. But we've accumulated quite a collection of these utensils. We don't throw them out, we recycle them.

World Centric estimates 40 billion disposable plastic utensils are used every year. That's just for the United States. Most are thrown out after one use.

Here's an ingenious response. 

These cutlery kits come in a hinged case that is attachable to a backpack, bag or tote. The kit includes a full sized fork, knife and spoon. Each has a soft polymer handle. They are dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Rinse and reuse instead of use and discard.

You put your logo on the case. 

These are an ideal gift for any travel related programs, schools and universities, as well as your own corporate dinning facilities.

Call me and we can get you started on decreasing the 40 billion!



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Cutlery Kit saves the waste of disposable utensils. Click image for details
Full size utensils with a soft polymer grip. Dishwasher safe and BPA free.
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