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Golf, psychology and mental anguish...

In psychology the most powerful type of reinforcement is "random reinforcement." That's when the pigeon or rat or you and I have absolutely no idea when the reward is coming. Totally random and the most powerful type of reinforcement.

I see golf like that - totally random.

I've tried golf. Even took a week's worth of lessons.
I'm pathetic. What I do doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to the game of golf.

Every now and then I'll hit a pretty good shot. But here's the problem; I don't know what I did to make it good and I have no idea how to replicate it. The fact that I keep trying is random reinforcement.

You may be good at the game. You may know people who are good and love the game. Maybe your company is sponsoring a golf tournament.

Here are a few ideas that are a bit different from the usual golf gifts. Golfers will appreciate these and keep them. That's good for advertising your brand.

Give me a call and we can tee it up for you!


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The handy golf instructor reference guide. Click image for details.
Is it better to know the rules or just have a good argument?
USGA Rules, leather cover. Click image for details.
Golfer's Record Book.
Write it down, no cheating!
Click image for details.
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