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May is National Bike Month and May 16th is National Bike-To-Work-Day

I'm a pretty avid cyclist. I have a Litespeed titanium bike with Campagnolo running gear. The bike is 20 years old and still rides nicely and is very fast.

An average ride for me is around 25-30 miles and my goal for this summer is to complete a century ride, (100 miles).

Riding during hot weather requires constant hydration. That's why you'll see serious cyclists with two bottle cages on their bikes.

Although the typical "push-pull" bottle top is convenient, this bottle is even more so.

With this bottle you just squeeze. It has a patented valve that opens when you squeeze and closes automatically. Nothing to open and close.

I'm going to order a couple for myself. 

Make a cyclist happy this May and advertise your company all through the cycling season.



PS...runners will like these as well

This is a "state-of-the-art" water bottle for cyclists
300...$2.88 each
500...$2.81 each
1000...$2.74 each
2500...$2.67 each
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