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Power, why it's important, how to get it and how to use it...

Power - let me tell you what this is NOT about. It's not about political or personal power. It's not about how to influence or control people.

It's even more important!

It's about portable power for recharging all those devices we  have and depend on...phones, tablets, etc.

Portable power banks are the newest and hottest items for branding and using as corporate gifts.

Here's important information you need to know before you buy.

These chargers are portable, rechargeable batteries (Lithium-ion) and they come in a range of capacities. The power capacity is measured in mAh (milli amps per hour). 
Think of the charger as a gas tank...the higher the mAh, the bigger the gas tank.

Think of your device as the gas pedal, the more you stomp on the gas pedal the faster the gas tank gets emptied. 

These chargers come in capacities from around 2000 mAh up to 14000 mAh and they can be charges about 500+ times before they start to loose their capacity. 

Look for a device with multiple ports (2 USB ports along with the micro is a nice feature). Also, confirm that you're getting a fresh battery and not one that's been recycled (it happens) If it's super cheap it's probably a recycled battery.

That concludes today's lesson. Here's your homework: Call me and we'll get you "charged up."



This is a fairly typical 2600 mAh power bank. The body can be plastic or aluminum

Here's a 2200 mAh rectangular shaped charger. The body can be aluminum or plastic
Here's a 4000 mAh charger with 2 ports and a power indicator light..This will easily give a full charge to any smart phone and a good partial charge to a tablet.

8000 mAh with 4 LED lights. This has 2 USB ports and a micro port. Comes with an Apple adapt plug. Very clean and compact design.

Pow! 14000 mAh Powerbank. Charges everything, has tips to connect pretty much any device. Makes your coffee in the morning.
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