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There will be no mistaking who is sponsoring the conference, sales meeting, training session, or what school you are graduating from!

Here is a selection of fitted chair back covers designed to accommodate your familiar folding chair.

There are covers for outdoor use, ones that are disposable. ones for general indoor use.

These will add some pizzazz to the dull gray or brown of traditional metal chairs or even the banquet style chairs.

You could say "we've got you covered," although that would be a bit corny.

So, please sit down and give me a call so we can brand your seat.



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fitted chair back cover
Standard fitted chair back cover. Click on image for pricing information.
fitted nonwoven disposable chair cover
Disposable, nonwoven fitted chair back cover. Click the image for pricing information.
coated polyester fitted chair back
For outdoor use. Coated polyester, waterproof, fitted chair back cover.Click the image for pricing information.

banquet style nonwoven fitted chair back
You're not left out if you have banquet style chairs. Click for pricing information.

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