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If a picture is worth a thousand words then this item is worth about seven thousand words and lots of your attention


Is your story best told visually?

There is not a person in this hemisphere who will not instantly recognize this product and know how to use it.

And believe me, people will look!

Architects, designers, event planners, destination venues, product manufacturers,
AV firms, property managers, convention and exhibition centers, high end consumer products...any business that tells its story with pictures.

Each film reel contains seven crystal clear images. You can add 3D effects to amp up the wow! factor. The center of the film reel is also available for a full color image.

This is not a "one-and-done" product. You can order the film reels separately and send new updated images on a regular basis knowing that they'll be looked at as soon as they arrive.

You know how hard it is to get people's attention with all the media clutter..this will get noticed, this will be looked at. This will get passed around the office.
"Hey, you won't believe what I just got from (your name here), you've got to see this!"
This will be remembered.
If you send this out to a prospect they will take your call!

It comes in a mini version and a "pop-up" version that folds flat for mailing.

This is the ultimate "visibility" product.

Give me a call and we can strategize about how to best use a customized viewer for your business



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3D viewer with logos
Viewers can be imprinted with your logo. Click the image for pricing details..pricing is for decoration
3D viewer with film reels
Reel has 7 images & 3D effects are possible. Click on image for pricing details.

mini 3D viewer
This is the mini viewer, still with the full size pictures. Click to see pricing details

3D pop-up viewer
The pop-up viewer folds flat for mailing. Contains 4 images. Click for pricing details

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