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Back them up & save them - those  photos on your phone. Here's the USB drive that does it all!


It can be a real chore getting photos off  your phone so you can save them or send them.  That's especially true if you have a lot of images you want to send along.   
Your phone has a micro USB port and your computer has a regular size USB port. Your phone might have come with the right kind of cable but that's either long gone or in a's certainly nowhere to be found when you want to do something with the images.
This is a simple and brilliant solution, it's a flash drive with both a micro USB and regular USB port. Plug the micro port into your phone and save your photos to the drive.
You can either save them there as a backup or transfer them from the drive to your computer.
It's a lot easier to send them from your computer, especially a bunch of images.
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UDF 646 OTG black open
The drive has both a micro and a regular size USB port. It comes in Red, Blue, Black or it can be matched to your PMS color at an extra charge.
UDF 646 OTG drive blue
Its a swing drive so you won't loose the cap. You already lost your phone cord, that's enough.
UDF 646 OTG drive green

Comes in capacities of 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB.

100 pieces with 1 GB memory are $11.25 each with a $37.50 set-up.

They can be printed in multiple colors.

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