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Summer's too short to do these one week at a here's a bunch of items for all your summer events


Summer time is all about being outdoors and having fun.
And being bitten by bugs
And getting a sunburn
And being thirsty
And needing some shade
You get the idea.
Summer is also all about opportunities for your brand to be on those items that people need, will appreciate and usually forget to bring along. If it hadn't been for my wife I would have forgotten the bug spray when we went hiking this last weekend.  
So, in no particular order here are seven items you can use to get your name out there and help people enjoy the outdoors and summertime.
One of those small things that often gets left behind is SPF lip balm. Who remembers that your lips can get sunburned? Aren't they just along for the ride?
And for those who forget everything there's a "Get away" outdoor kit.
Click on any of the images to get pricing information.

Give me a call and we'll get your name and summertime fun linked up.




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insect repelent pocket sprayer
A deet free pocket spray insect repellent
sun screen sprayer
SPF 30 sun screen sprayer
8 oz bottled water w/ sport cap
8 oz bottled water w/ sport cap
sun visor
Sun visor w/ flip flop Keychain
SPF lip balm
SPF 15  lip balm w/ neoprene sleeve and clip
Pop up cooler
Big Dipper pop-up cooler
get away outdoor kit
Get Away Outdoor Kit
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